Defending the Second Amendment #NRAAM2017

Ugh I think I am gonna be sick! NRA stands for National Rifle Association, but I think it should be Nationalist RACIST Association!! Its me Cali-Liberal, your intellectual superior and resident Secular Moralist.

I am thoroughly disgusted with this display of fascism, White Supremacy, and violent gun culture! The Second-Amendment must be abolished today, everybody knows that guns are dangerous and they kill people, Gaia help us!

CaliLiberal, you wouldn’t even have the right to say half of the insane things that you say if we didn’t have firearms and the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment, specifically protects the First Amendment. When someone tries to silence you with violence you may have to use violence to defend yourself.

Hey don’t say that! We are allowed to attack you, you aren’t allowed to defend yourselves! Because we are righteous and you are racist.

You aren’t righteous you are retarded. Free Speech means EVERYONE gets to speak, including those you disagree with! But of course the brilliant Founding Fathe-


-rs, they knew that people like you CaliLib would always exist. People who get so offended by the speech of others to the point that they resort to violence. Political groups that use violence and intimidation to get it’s message across. Indeed the Left has pretty much made violence a corner stone to it’s political method.

That is why the Second Amendment is more important than ever before! Because Free Speech is absolutely under assault thanks to the Progressives and the scourge of Political Correctness.

You wingnuts are only against Political Correctness because you want to offend everyone! PC is our most vital tool because it helps protect the emotions of our supporters and helps create a sort of Free Speech safe space.

Safe from your horrible speech that is nothing but xenophobic, racist, ableist, religious, mischievous, homophobic, transphobic, transpacific, phobic-phobic(that’s an irrational fear of people with phobias) hate speech!

Hey ding dong, the 2nd Amendment is what also protects all that dissent you are so fond of, it’s what allows you to post your Trump hate tweets and write on your “Paganism for the New Age Vegan Commu-Feminist” blog. By the way is there a big market there?

Ehh, right now it’s mostly just a few people in Portland and San Francisco and one guy from New York City. He’s nice, I spoke to him over the phone, he owns a nonprofit that specializes in making sure homeless people never have to work.

Anyways getting back to the main point, the Second Amendment may be our single most important Amendment, because it protects all the other amendments from government/foreign tyranny. I am thankful we have groups like the NRA that protect our sacred right to own a firearm from the Progressive Fascists like you CaliLib.

I am glad we have a President that fully supports the NRA and our Second Amendment. President Trump supports the legal ownership of guns even more so than most of the “Republicans” in Congress. I am glad he acknowledges the importance of groups like the NRA that help keep the idea of gun ownership to protect your family and country alive.

Well I think it’s horrible! Everyone knows how dangerous guns are, heck, I predict that by the end of the event, everyone at the NRAAM will be dead by the end the day just for being around that many guns!


I guarantee you we wont see one gun related injury, at that NRA, despite them having a whopping 9 acres of guns. The reality of the world is that people will kill people no matter what. Take away the gun and they will use a knife, take away the knife they will use a stick or a rock. Ban sticks and rocks, and a human will use his literal arms to kill another person.

Gun control will NEVER stop violence, in fact legal gun ownership prevents further violence and protects innocent lives. Sure, sometimes we see horrible accidents, that usually stem from improper handling or storage of a firearm, but that doesn’t mean we should ban guns!

Cars kill tens of thousands of people every year but we don’t ban cars do we?!

Well we should ban cars because everyone know they are destroying the environment!

So you don’t care about the people that die in car accidents? You care more about cars potentially damaging the environment a hundred years from now?

Duh, but we will be fine if everyone just starts riding a bike or driving a Prius.

You are insane I don’t know why I ever talk to you.

Because I know more than you, and you like to be enlightened from time to time.

No actually you make me feel sane sometimes. You make me glad I am not a Liberal anymore. You guys live in a utopian fantasy land, where nobody needs a gun and the government provides your healthcare. That isn’t reality.

In the real worlds there are bad people, most of them are on your side, Lefties that would rather punch than listen. Liberals that would rather attack than agree with. Progressives that want to say Free Speech simply doesn’t apply to anything they deem “hate speech”.

Liberal Progressives like you CaliLib wanna silence people like me forever. You know you can NEVER do that as long as I have the right to own a firearm to defend myself against any violent aggression. With Trump in charge and the Supreme Court getting stacked with Conservatives. I don’t see many scenarios where the Liberal Progressives can win anymore.

We are Conservatives because we conserve the principles of the Founders, Free Speech, gun ownership. You are Progressives, because you are trying to progress us into a Marxist “utopia”. It won’t happen, especially not anytime soon. We have the upper hand, and we will continue to wield it against you.

*CaliLib, flush with triggering, scoffs and walks away*

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