Marine Le-Pen Advances: Historic Win

85a.jpegMarine LePen has done it! She didn’t win the election outright, but she defied all the Globalist shills by emerging a front-runner and she will face Macron in round 2 of the run-off election! Nationalism is on the rise, independence and individuality are finally defeating the forces of collectivism!ll.jpg

Horrible! That fascist alt-right Marine LePen survived the election and advanced! Someone needs to start investigating whether Putin had something to do with this or not! I am betting he did, if not, well than France is more racist than I thought it was! Racism is on the rise, and fascism is taking over in France the way it did in America with Donald Trump! Thank Gaia that Macron was able to stay ahead of fascist Le Pen!

You guys should be championing a woman trying to become a President, remember how it was such a milestone to you kooks with Hillary, what about LePen?! How is she a racist or a fascist? If anything she want’s to get away from real fascism like the European Union that is destroying the nation of France by allowing a massive influx of refu–


gees. These Muslim refu–


gees are not assimilating properly. They are bringing in an extreme form of Islam known as Sharia Law-

Sharia Law preaches peace and equality! There is no crime in Sharia Law areas! No one steals bread when we will cut your hand off for doing so! And no one insults Islam or we cut your head off! Try criticizing without a head!

The first people they are gonna kill are people like you CaliLiberal.

Well I would probably deserve it for being part of a race that perpetuates genocide, hate, and imperialism! But they would never harm me because Islam is the religion of peace after all and Le Pen is a racist for not wanting them in France!

A line must  be drawn in the sand, and unlike Obama, we must be ready to defend ourselves against Islam!


I don’t care if you call me racist!

You don’t care? Don’t you want to signal your virtues?

No, because I don’t have to defend myself against unsubstantiated and wild claims of racism.

But your bashing Islam!

I am bashing the violent radical tendencies of Islam!

You’re still doing it!

Pointing out that Islam seems to gravitate towards violence, possibly because of violent passages in the Koran.


*CaliLiberal stays silent*

Marine Le Pen knows the dangers that are being posed by this radical ideology, but it seriously NEVER took a genius to see this problem. From the multiple attacks on Paris, to no-go zones, to Nice. From Normandy to Champs-Elysees, France is essentially experiencing a radical insurgency.

You know damn well all those attacks are in response to Western imperialism into the Mideast! There was NEVER a problem with Islam until that damned Nazi George W Bush invaded Iraq!

Ever heard of the Crusades? Ever heard of the Barbary Wars? Islam has been at war with the West since its inception! It lives to one day bring down Western Civilization.

After finally realizing they couldn’t destroy it from the outside, they infiltrated through a refugee program, tens of thousands, possibly hundreds, of saboteurs have entered Europe!

Damn right they have! To finally deliver the crushing blow from within and the damn racists Le Pen, Trump and Farage wanna stop us! They wont! Macron will defeat Le Pen! He has to!

He won’t win, we shouldn’t even want him to possibly win, because that will make the radical terrorism problem much worse.


Look we need to face the cold hard facts, I don’t want Islam to spawn such radicalization but the reality is that it is creating extremism at alarming rates.

US Imperialism is causing extremism!

These people were radicals before the US was even a country!


Look, you can live in alternate reality, utopia, la la land, where you can hug terrorism and it will go away. I live in the real world. Where people want to kill us and we may have to kill them before they get the chance to hurt us or others.

Even if there was an Islamic terrorism problem(which there definitely is NOT), if White people hadn’t invented guns there wouldn’t be so many murders! Right-winged Whites are the only terrorists! Ban guns, problem solved.

Guns are an equalizer! A small woman will have a hard time trying to protect herself against a large man trying to assault her if she doesn’t have a gun.

Duh, we already thought of that. That’s why we have Planned Parenthood.

Seriously, why do I even talk to you? Why do I feel the need to go out of my way to see what the Left is saying about things? Why do I even attempt to see it from your point of view, you never see it from mine?

Because you are a dumb uneducated wingnut Trump supporter! I triple-majored at Berkeley! What have you ever done besides work all the time?!

Sure I don’t have any fancy degrees, but I don’t think that should stop anyone from having an opinio–

Well I don’t think you deserve an opinion if you haven’t gone to college for a long time! In fact the longer you have been in school, sheltered and away from the real world, the more your opinion should matter!

Well I think everyone should be able to have an opinion!

Well OK, but as long as it’s a Politically Correct opini–

No! Now I am the one getting triggered. Everyone should be able to have an opinion, not just those you agree with.

It would be classified as hate speech, and not allowed at all, not protected under the Constitution(which is a racist document anyway).

Everything you disagree with is hate speech?

If it’s coming from a right-wing Conservative like you.

Shut up Libtard! This is why I avoid engaging you Leftists. It always comes down to name-calling and you guys can never agree with us on anything! We try to slightly agree with you, but no, unconditional agreement is the only thing that partially satisfies you guys!

Because we know better! Why do you think we spend so much time in our fancy schools? Because we are learning how to fix society! We are examining the failures of socialism and communism(which have actually never truly been tried) and gonna apply it to America! So we can’t allow a setback in France to hamper out efforts.

Trump already dealt our movement a massive hit. Brexit was a devastating blindside blow, and if France falls I don’t know if our dear little hearts can take the triggering that will ensue if that happens! So Macron must win the run-off! 

Marine Le-Pen will win the runoff. Globalism is dead. Socialism has proven itself a failure repeatedly throughout the 20th and 21st century. Venezuela is the latest casualty of the Left, it’s devastating what happened there.

We will be damned if we allow you Liberals to bring that crap over here. Forced equality never works, leads to political strife and collapses economies. Ensuring France continues to resist against the forces of Marxism will severely hamper the goals of the Left. Marine Le-Pen MUST win, and I personally think that she will win!

*CaliLiberal scoffs at CaliConservative and walks away*

We will see.

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