Protecting America: #BuildTheWall

Imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up and saw a #BuildTheWall hashtag being promoted on Twitter, awesome! I thought that was really great. An amazing way to start my day, it invoked feelings of optimism and confidence, Trump always makes me feel this way, he is an inspiration.

Imagine my shock this morning when I woke up and saw a racist #BuildTheWall hashtag being promoted on twitter, horrible! I thought it was awful and it invoked feelings of hate and paranoia, Trump always makes me feel this way, he is disheartening. index.jpg

Whoa! Hey, how the heck did you get in here CaliLiberal? I just finally built that barbed wire wall around my house, with a gator filled moat right behind that just to keep you out, the kind I hope Trump builds. I was tired of having to clean the stench of Socialism and EBT cards out of here every time you visit.

Hey that socialism paid for all your roads, schools, parks and police! Even though I hate the police, roads are bad for the environment, schools are underfunded and the parks have become homes for homeless people.

Also the way I got in here was I dug a tunnel under your wall! Haha, don’t you see, you building this wall around your home was futile so you might as well had never built it because I still got inside!

Building the wall around my home CaliLib, not only sent you a strong message, but it forced you to dig underground like the rat you are to get in here. Also I find it funny that now that your parents are forcing you to finally live on your own, at the age of 45, now you are here all the time.

They have exhausted themselves spoiling you rotten and paying for your quadruple major in Gender Studies, LGBTQ+ studies,  Social Welfare, and Journalism. Caring for your every need for far too long, no wonder you think socialism works.

Also it isn’t “socialism” that pays for roads, schools, parks and police. Yes, we enter into a social contract as a community to spend tax dollars on a specific project like a park, road, a school or a police station, but glorious American Capitalism is what is funding it all. I wouldn’t trade that for the world…literally, and we need to protect it!

So I support President Trump wanting to build a wall on our Southern Border, hell, I hope he proposes to build one on our Northern border too. Some naval vessels lined all up and down the coasts to tell people not to mess with us, we are American and NO ONE can tear us down but ourselves.images.jpg

Building a wall around your house to keep me out is horribly offensive! I need food, I need water, I need shelter, you have it, why can’t I just have some of yours? You have an obligation to let everyone in, especially if they are a different race than you are! Unless of course they are White people, leave them outside.

You have more than I do CaliConservative, you have too much! Damn wasteful capitalists! In a socialist society we would all have food, water, and shelter, we would ALL be equal and everything would be paid for!

How could you possibly support a wall, you are Hispanic! Oh I get it, you are a self-hating Hispanic, wannabe White guy, you know they will never accept you right? Well it’s OK because the Democrat party, with the grace of Gaia, was able to plant a shill right near the top of the GOP! His name is Paul Ryan!

He will make sure the wall doesn’t get funded, the same way we were able to work to sabotage the Trumpcare initiative! We will continue to sabotage from within, because even I can admit that we aren’t strong enough to make an outside push.

President Trump was a little more than we could handle after we got exhausted working so hard for social justice during Obama! Gaia bless Obama we miss him so much! He was the best POTUS ever! Oh my Gaia I love Obama so so much.


EVERYONE deserves a right to come to the United States of America and just start living here, if they need welfare they should apply for it. I would rather it go to a brave refugee than one of those vets who go fight in dumb oil wars for profit.

This country was stolen from the brave and noble Native Americans, they should just give the land back!

Illegal immigration is a serious problem in America. Every single year over 2,000 people are murdered by illegals…in Texas alone.z.png

We need a wall, now more than ever, but way more than a wall, we need a new attitude towards illegal immigration. It needs to become extremely strict, not just at the law enforcement level, but down at the community level. Any school receiving any sort of government funding should be completely prohibited from enrolling any illegals.

We have some real serious issues in our country today. It makes me smile in a very cynical way, the way the Liberals can attack Anne Coulter all day and blast O’Reilly, but they can’t take a second to acknowledge the serious problems with violence and crime facing us. ONE murder is too many, 2,990 murders? UNACCEPTABLE!

We owe it to the deceased and their loved ones to do something about this problem, before other families are torn apart as well. Rape, theft, drugs and many other problems are also associated with illegal immigration. If you already came here illegally, than there is a good chance you are willing to break a great many laws to get what you want.

This socialist Marxist banthafodder is what is destroying our country and tearing it apart. Not just regarding illegal immigration, but the heart of the beast, Political Correctness. It has spawned a generation of Marxist social justice warriors like you CaliLiberal that attack those questioning illegal immigration more than the illegal immigrants murdering indiscriminately.

And you know who else had no border security? The Native American Indians. Let’s not make that same mistake.

*Just outside, some radio chatter–“trespassing suspect..about 40 year old male…..sickly looking…blue and green dreads…stretched out ears…no shoes…disgusting feet”–loud footsteps approaching the slightly open door, two large ICE officers appear*

Hey there officers thanks for coming, the trespasser is right here.

No wait, what? How dare you call the cops on me CaliConserative! FASCISTS! FASCISTS! You cannot arrest me! I am a sovereign citizen I do not abide by your racist slave driven Constitution!

*CaliLib begins to flail about wildly, the two officers restrain him, and CaliLib spits on one of the officers boots. They begin to taser him, in the commotion one of the officers pepper spray somehow fell out and sprayed CaliLib also. The two officers hogtie CaliLib and begin to carry him out of the apartment crying*

Thanks a lot guys, Keep up the great work, I hear illegal immigration is way down already thanks to you guys.

Ill get you CaliCon! I’ll be back! *weeping loudly, his voice trails away*


Yes, Trump will continue to Make America Great Again. With upgrading our military to face new challenges in an uncertain world, to removing many of the illegals that have flooded into our country. Trump is working around the clock to clean this place up and get it ready to face a new challenging economic field.

We had it good, for way too long, and we got lazy. We let the illegal alien problem grow to a point where it almost looks impossible to remove every single one without going door to door and asking to see everyone citizenship papers. Which I think is what it would take, I do try to have my birth certificate, ID and social ready at all times just in case.

I am Hispanic after all, my mother came here from Mexico illegally, but over 40 years ago, it was a much different time back then. Actually it was my grandfather that came over first, by himself, to make some money to send it back to his wife, my grandmother who had just given birth to my mother in Mexico. My grandfather was a police officer in Mexico.

He saw first hand how corrupt the government was there, and how it was bending to the will of vicious gangs. His father was murdered by criminals, and his brother was kidnapped. My grandfather to protect his family and find a safe and peaceful life had to do something. He decided to come to America. My grandfather told me that the border fence at the time was no more than a simple 5-foot high chain link fence.

You see there was no epic drug problem back then, there was no human trafficking epidemic back then, there was no series of rapists and murderers coming across the border from Mexico, most of the crime was contained down there. It was a different time back then, where people moved to America to work hard, learn English, and live a calm peaceful life.

My grandmother and mom saved up money so they themselves could move to America as well.  So I would also like to take this opportunity to make the case for some form of birthright citizenship, you see when my mother had me she did not have her citizenship yet, and my father never fully got his citizenship, though he did voluntarily move back to Mexico when his visa expired.

But the key difference I want to point out between my family and others is that my grandfather came over in a way different time, with the full intention of getting a US citizenship for himself and his family, which he did. In fact it was his main goal from the moment he had enough money saved was to work to get his citizenship and settle down in America.

My family didn’t ask for welfare, they didn’t ask for a handout, they didn’t ask to be pandered to by politicians, they didn’t ask for a job based on racial discrimination. They simply wanted an opportunity to prove themselves hard workers and good decent people that didn’t believe in violence or crime.

Today, 40 years later, worked hard and payed taxes, raising us right to avoid gangs, drugs and violence as much as possible. They taught us not to have kids at an early age. They raised us right, we were a religious family. I can’t say the same for every single family that has came over. In fact, I would say we are part of the minority that come to America and actually assimilate. Especially compared to the new immigrants.

A new immigrant wave came over during the last 20 years during time where the reputation of America was poor around the world. They didn’t come with respect, they only came for money, at any means necessary. With zero intention of abandoning their old countries and assimilating into the American way of life.

These are the people that need to go back, and I hope people are willing to make an exception for people like me, born to illegal immigrants, but I denounce the corrupt Mexican government, I detest the Mexican flag a symbol of tyranny and corruption, and I praise America above every other country. I would die for America.










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  1. “EVERYONE deserves a right to come to the United States of America and just start living here”
    Thing is, a lot of people *really* believes this. It’s maddening
    Great post

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