Syria Strike: I Approve.

WHAT?! How dare you Cali-Conservative! It’s me your other archenemy, Cali-Conspiraservative. How dare you approve of this neocon puppet Trump attacking the beloved “protector of Christians” Assad! Bashar Assad is a great man and him and great Putin are the champions of western civilization, they are gonna take out ISIS! ede229dde1e857823a6e8c898dd6df0f.726x480x36

Trump is working for Israel and his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner(#RealPresident) told him to attack Syria. Thankfully Trump checked his twitter notifications and saw that I was telling him it was a bad idea to attack Syria and he backed off.

You Cali-Conservative are working for the Zionists, Globalists, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, CIA, Club of Rome, Knights of Columbus, Illuminati, Freemason, Knights Templar, Girl Scouts of America, Saudi Arabia, Mega Banks and Google.

Woah, what the hell is going on here? Conspiraservative! How did you get in here? You used the top secret triple classified Plasma Micron Teleporter I got from that Alien at the CIA base didn’t you? The Pentagon doesn’t even know yet that thing exists, but you saw through the conspiracy theory, damn! I should have known you would!!

*Conspiraservative laughs maniacally as he slowly teleports away*

Sorry this article is a bit late. Apologies. President Donald Trump shocked the world when he authorized a surprise tomahawk strike against Syria. Near 60 tomahawks were launched at a Syrian/Russian occupied airbase in the Northern Syria where aircraft launch strikes against ISIS and rebel targets in the ongoing Syrian Civil War.paper.gif

Now, the US has been launching airstrikes into Syria for quite a few years now. Last year a US airstrike even killed 62 Syrian soldiers and injured 100 others, but that officially wasn’t a deliberate strike against Syria and classified as a mistake, the administration apologized for that incident. Trumps strike was much different.


This was without question an official strike against Assad, the first of it’s kind actually. Despite striking Syrian targets at times, in the 6 years of fighting in Syria not once had the US government taken official military action against Bashar al-Assad.assadeats_500.jpg

Trumps military action came after an alleged chemical gas attack that took place in Syria, intelligence sources from multiple nations confirmed Syrian warplanes were in the area prior to the gas attack. Russian officials denied that the Syrian warplanes were responsible for dropping the chemical ordinance, instead saying the Syrian warplanes launched a strike against an ISIS weapons cache that contained chemical weapons.n.png

This brings me to the most important point, Assad is without a doubt responsible for this chemical attack. Whether he was directly responsible, or indirectly responsible remains to be seen. He either deliberately dropped chemical weapons on an area populated with civilians, or recklessly bombed a known chemical weapons factory.

If he knew there were chemical weapons there, he should have got the Russians to send in a spec ops team to safely extract the chemicals without collateral damage, if that’s the case. He didn’t so now he has to deal with the consequences of his reckless actions. If someone doesn’t send Assad a warning, he won’t stop. I think he was testing US resolve.syriatoon14.jpg

I keep hearing outlets like Infowars saying, “Assad had no motive”. First of all I am sure you heard that old quote that I am just inventing now “A Dictator Needs No Motive” other than he wants to remain in power by any means necessary.

Secondly, Hafez Assad, father of Bashar, took over Syria in a coup and a series of 4d27ba3a1c2794bd9796124646ca90c5.jpgassassinations. He ruled with an iron fist for 30 years brutally stamping out all dissent, massacring his enemies, and banning all political parties. Al-Assad isn’t even their real family name, they changed it to that, it means “The Lion”.

Much like Stalin was not his real name, that was his political name it meant “Man of Steel”. Dictators often do this to instill fear in their subjects. There is a voluminous body of data detailing the crimes of Hafez Assad.  This is the man that taught Bashar Al-Assad everything he knows. This murderous, brutal, vicious, cunning Islamic dictator.

The myth that Assad protects Christians has certainly served Assad very well and he uses it to his advantage. To project an image of a humble beloved dictator that is standing up the Western imperialism. However, quite the opposite is true. Sure, Assad doesn’t mind if you are a Christian, as long as you bend to his will first. Bashar Assad maintains FULL control over every single aspect of the lives of his citizens.assad-2.jpg

Take the case of man named Abu Eli Roumiah. He was an old man, a diabetic, and a Christian living in Syria. He had gone to visit his neighbors one day and on his way home was stopped by Assad agents. They told him that his neighbors were terrorists, and the regime had a policy that “whoever visits terrorists becomes one of them” so they arrested Abu Eli.Color-Syria-assad-WEB.jpgHe was sent to a military prison and brutally tortured. Under the strain of the torture, he confessed to all sorts of crimes he never committed in hopes of being released. After two long months he was finally released from the torture prison in Palmyra and transferred to another holding facility and struggled to survive. However, the torture he had endured was too much and he succumbed to his wounds. His body was carelessly thrown into a narrow passage near his cell. assad-has-one-more-chance-e280a6-one-more-chance-e280a6-one-more-chance.jpgWe have to be careful when we openly defend dictators, the clear intent of simply avoiding war must be clear, but we must also denounce the brutal actions of dictators. The Constitution of the United States says that all men are created equal and that we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. syria-Assad-cartoon-death.jpg

I interpret that as every single human on the planet should eventually have the right to free speech, to life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. People like Bashar Al-Assad are openly opposed to that very idea, that in definition makes him an enemy of the Constitution, and The Oath is to defend the Constitution, not necessarily mainland America. To semi-paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King, “A threat to free expression anywhere, is a threat to free expression everywhere”. mah.jpgI have gone back and relearned more about this subject concerning Syria, the history of the modern Syrian government, and the Syrian Civil War. There is absolutely no disputing that Assad opened fire on his population after they began to question dictatorship when they saw fellow countries like Egypt and Libya overthrowing their dictators. Assad want’s to protect the legacy his father left for him, and I believe he is willing to burn Syria to the ground and take all his citizens with him to protect his “legacy”. So I thank Trump for taking decisive action against this type of behavior.dig_assad.jpgI will go down on record as saying that moment when those Tomahawk missiles screamed off the deck of those navy ships and sailed towards their targets in an eerie effervescent beauty, that was Trumps top moment of his first 100 days. He sent a message that the USA will no longer be governed by weaklings that squiggle imaginary red lines and make empty threats. We are decisive, bold, and ready to act. DC-Syria-Assad-Cartoon-Butcher-of-Syria

Some of the more conspiratorial elements of our movement were unprepared to face this type of event. They were rattled and ready to turn on Trump at the drop of a hat. The die-hard Infowars listeners aren’t used to having an executive branch that works in favor of the citizens of the US and our allies. They supposedly believe in America, but forget our humble beginnings. When we relied on the help of other super powers like France to get our tiny dream started and we should always be open to be that same help we received to help bring real peace and stability to the world, but I digress.CR6a7HgXIAAk0gc.jpg

China and Russia seem to have gotten the hint from the Tomahawk strike and it seems relations, in my opinion, are improving for the better. I think we can do a lot to help the plight of the Syrian people, but we must be careful not to indirectly support violent insurgencies that will make the situation worse. I believe that defeating ISIS must be the priority first before any notions of replacing Assad can be entertained.

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