#MOAB: US Drops Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb on Afghanistan.

Mother of All Bombs! Cali-Liberal here! First of all, bombs should all be banned from existence and made illegal, except for the kind we use when we need to get communism or socialism installed somewhere.04ayers4_650

Second of all, Mother?!? I am a male Feminist and I find it highly offensive that a bunch of misogynistic old white men would take a projectile obviously phallic in nature and name it motherHillary-male-feminists

Lastly, how dare you President Trump launch an attack against the innocent Muslims in Afghanistan, ISIS is my friend, because our enemy is America and old white males like Trump! #RESISTbumpersticker_resisttrump_shadow

OK seriously? I gotta start keeping my damn door locked, or build a wall around my home. Get back you politically correct scum!

*CaliConservative holds up a picture of Ronald Reagan and The Constitution. CaliLiberal starts to melt and sizzle around the legs*

One day we will destroy your precious America, but probably not now, not while Trump is President. He actually has the balls to stand up to us! We aren’t used to that! Obama helped us achieve our goals of trashing America, Trump tries to stop us, how dare he?! Doesn’t he know how evil and imperialistic the US is?

 Now President Trump may have destroyed our most important tool, Political Correctness, but we won’t stop, we will come back! Like communism, like socialism, we will never die, Liberal Progressivism will prevail!

*CaliConservative, still holding up a picture of the immortal Reagan and the Constitution starts to proclaim:*

Trump is President now!

*A beam of red, white and blue light streams from Reagans eyes and CaliLiberal is vaporized into a million pieces*


President Trump is certainly gonna go down as the “President of Firsts”. Today, he yet again stunned the world by dropping the single largest non-nuclear bomb on an ISIS tunnel network in Afghanistan. v.png

The GBU-43/B, Mother of All Bombs, was first tested way back in 2003. It was designed to explode above it’s target, in contrast to a “bunker buster” type of weapons that penetrates the ground before exploding. The MOAB can be used for multi-purpose roles since it explodes in the air.


Mother of All Bombs, heading towards her target.

It can immediately clear a heavily wooded area to create a landing zone. It can be used to clear out enemy troop concentrations, or destroy a building. This weapon is very dynamic. The fact that it is also scary as hell to any enemy facing it, is a nice side effect.

This was, believe it or not, the first time that the weapon has ever been used in actual combat operations. President Trump authorized it’s use against an ISIS tunnel network in Afghanistan as part of his administrations absolute blitzkrieg against ISIS. For those of you wondering how strong a MOAB actually is, you know those tomahawks Trump launched at Syria? The MOAB has 21 times more firepower than a single tomahawk.

The US military is taking the fight to ISIS in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan at the same time! Trying to deal a decisive blow to the Islamic State that grew tremendously under the Obama administration, but there’s also another motive to use this weapon, which I suspect is the real reason they dropped it.


This is Staff Sergeant Mark De Alencar. Mark was a Green Beret, assigned to Special Forces in Afghanistan. Mark was killed by ISIS forces in Afghanistan over the weekend. He leaves behind a wife and five children. Mark is a hero. Rest in Peace Mark, you will never be forgotten.

This bomb was in response to his death, I have no doubt about it, although the Pentagon officially denies it. I for one, fully support this decision. I know people in the military and although nothing can bring our loved ones back, we can at least rest a little easier knowing that not only does our government care about it’s troops, but its willing to exact a revenge ten times as punishing.

_BEL4059 HC-130P 64-14860 23FG right front take-off l.jpg

A specialized version of an HC-130 “Hercules” was required to deliver the MOAB. A US Official said it was loaded into a cargo container and ‘kicked out the back’.

MOAB doesn’t stand for “Mother of All Bombs” that’s just an affectionate nickname. It actually stands for “Massive Ordnance Air Blast”. Because like I explained before, it explodes just above it’s target. Which makes it the perfect weapon to be used against at tunnel network. Had we had the technology at the time to use MOABs against VC forces in Vietnam, I think we could have turned the tide against the Vietcong and their tunnel networks.

So overall, I fully support the US military decision to use this weapon. I think that in order to end the instability in the Middle East, the United States needs to launch one last very powerful offensive that can subdue our enemy so that local forces and governments can regain control of their trashed countries. Than the US can withdraw safely knowing the area will be safe and American interests protected. imageedit_1059_5244239304.jpgAlso of course knowing we have a President that places American lives above all is incredibly reassuring. Knowing President Trump will respond ten-fold against any aggression towards the US will cause our enemies to think twice before they act. Which was not the case during Obama. This isn’t the end of hostilities, it is just the beginning of the end. However, things could get a little more rough before they actually get better.

Pray for our President and our Country to be safe in these troubling and dark times, I for one feel much safer than I did during the Obama era. So as long as President Trump is in charge and nothing bad happens to him, I think we will be fine. God Bless America.

*No Liberal Progressives were injured in the making of this blog post*

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