John Oliver LIES Episode 8

Haha, CaliConservative you’ve been hacked! It’s me your archenemy the CaliLiberal, here in Cali I outnumber you ten to one, the only odds I like! I absolutely LOVE John Oliver! He is my hero and a real patriot! Especially because he isn’t even from this country! He does the work of God. Oh wait I don’t believe in God because I am a Liberal.

I mean John Oliver is like the opposite of God, hes like the Devil, take that you dumb Conservatives who believe in mythical creatures! I will take Satan over your fictional God. At least I can see my Satan talking to me on TV, I don’t just have to believe like you lot. Now step aside as John Oliver destroys all you dumb Conservatives and President Trump and we get this Putin lovin, Russian conspirin, RACIST, DEMAGOGUE out of office by infiltrating your movement!! #RESISTzcxc.png

Woah, what the hell is going on! Sorry about that guys its me the one and only Cali-Conservative, the voice of reason in an extremist state. It seems a few of my enemies the Cali-Liberals busted in here and hijacked my blog! I know it was the them because I smelled the distinct stench of “Liberalism”, and by that I mean they left behind an EBT card and bag of weed.

Don’t worry, I scared em off with a few job applications! If that wouldn’t have worked I had a bit of common sense with me just in case. And obviously by “common sense” I mean my AR15 rifle, not loaded of course, just the idea of a citizen bearing arms scares a Progressive away. I am kidding of course, not about the idea of the Second Amendment scaring away a Progressive Liberal, but of the hacking, just having fun.

So it seems John Oliver, the perpetual liar, the Squawker of Liberals, the Crybaby of Cucks is at it again. It never ends with this guy, It’s the same thing over and over, John Oliver is upset about something, we definitely know that much. I cited a study recently, conducted at the University of No One, that we have about a 90% chance Oliver will be triggered by something Trump did.

He certainly has plenty of ammo, Trump recently launched 59 missile strikes against the nation of Syria, in response to the reports of gas attacks apparently conducted by the Assad regime. Which I imagine just the idea of any type of military action by Trump will be met with hostility from agitation propagandists like John Oliver.

For the record I support President Trumps strike on Syria. I think it was a necessary and important message, not just to Assad, but to Russia, Iran, North Korea, and anyone else that thinks they can militarily test Trump, but let’s get to the Cuck of Honor, John Oliver.

I really hate to say I told you so, ah hell who am I kidding, I live to say I told you so. Probably the reason why I made this blog to begin with, can’t remember I was drunk. What? Trump had just been inaugurated, I was ecstatic, what can I say? Anyways, I am not on trial here, John Oliver is; Lo and behold, :60 seconds in he rushes to talk about the strike on Syria #SyriaStrikes.

Funny because he brushes over two defeats for the Dems in those seconds, two obvious major wins for Trump. The confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch and David Nunes recusing himself from the Russia investigations. The Liberals had been dead set on opposing Gorsuch, let’s be honest they have opposed every member of Trumps cabinet so far, and they failed yet again. bv

Also David Nunes recusing himself from the Russia investigation showed he had nothing to hide, just like when they tried to go after Jeff Sessions and embarrassingly failed after Sessions recused himself from any investigations into Russia as well. Very few wins for the sad Liberals right now, so they are celebrating every inch they take back and John Oliver doesn’t wanna draw attention to any lost territory, maybe he is a hero.xczxcsadtgrd

He has a problem with Trump’s missile strikes though, however, he isn’t saying it was the wrong move. In fact many times Oliver condemned the gas strikes in Syria saying they were “horrific” almost justifying Trump, but his problem with the missile strikes is that Trump has made some seemingly contradictory statements in the past.

Also John Oliver doesn’t think that this strike had any significant effect, because the Syrian Air-Force was flying sorties out of that airfield later that day. That should tell him that if Trump wanted to he really coulda pulverized that airfield, and he could have left the Russians unaware and killed some of them as well.

Instead Trump appropriately warned the Russians to avoid a wider international incident and sent a clear message to Assad and the world that chemical attacks will not be tolerated. Again, John never says that what Trump did was wrong, because even he knows that Trump made not only the right choice, but the exact amount of force that was utilized.

One part unexpectedly funny part is where John Oliver made fun of one of Alex Jones crazier moments recently where he wasn’t making much sense. I really never ever thought I would be laughing at Alex Jones through a joke made by John Oliver, but this is why it’s always risky to support Infowars because occasionally(and by occasionally I mean frequently) goes off the deep end.


Now, I became a Trump supporter because of Infowars, and they are telling me Trump is not above criticism, but that principle must be applied to them as well. Infowars frequently backtracks and contradicts itself so anytime I see anything on there I fact check it. Which is what I do with everything and I encourage you all to do the same, fact check EVERYTHING you see.

So moving on, John Oliver doesn’t have much to say about anything so he decides to spend 7 whole minutes attacking Bill O’Reilly. This is a show called Last Week Tonight which supposedly recaps alot of the important recent stories of the week. I really don’t think that compared to the Syria strikes, the Battle for Mosul, North Korea, the terrorist attacks in Egypt and Sweden, many other stories, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t seem very important.

Yes O’Reilly is the highest rated show on cable news in the prime time slot, but I don’t think Bill’s personal life is worth airing out on international television for the sake of scoring a few cheap shots at the Right. O’Reilly doesn’t even represent the Right, I respect him, but I don’t think he’s perfect or anything. Just because he is being accused of strange misconduct by women doesn’t mean he can’t be right about anything.

But like I said, I think John chose to spend so much time on O’Reilly because he essentially has nothing to talk about. Trumps Syria strike was a massive success and we have Justice Gorsuch confirmed, things seem relatively stable economically, so he has to sensationalize and play to the misogyny card to get sympathy points from his audience.

So getting past Bill O’Reilly. John Oliver wants to talk about his main topic, “Gerrymandering”. Now I will forgive you if you never heard the term, but essentially it’s the redrawing of voting districts. Which John Oliver makes into a very sinister term when he says it matters “who’s drawing the lines?” haha very spooky sounding indeed.ngda.png

He begins to explain Gerrymandering(Pronounced “Jerrymandering” and the origins of the term, which started with Governor Elbridge Gerry(Pronounced “Gary”) when he drew a voting district so heavily in his favor that it roused suspicion. It looked sort of like a dragon, or a Salamander, one man proclaimed “Call it a Gerrymander”, this the term was born.

However, redrawing voting districts is entirely necessary. People move, populations change, and districts lose or gain voting power. John Oliver starts to weave a narrative that it is Republicans that use Gerrymandering to create voting districts that favor the GOP. Using this to explain why the Democrats have lost so much over the years and it isn’t until partway into his bit that he slightly hints that redrawing districts is due to population shifts. xzcxzczxcxz.png

This explains why the Democrats lost the 2016 election. So many Democrats live in a handful of heavily concentrated areas. So the voting lines have been drawn to reflect where they are most heavily concentrated, which is in a few cities. So when it comes time to count the counties and districts, the Republicans, despite having fewer numbers live in a more spread out area, the Democrats, often have more votes in a more focused area. The state legislature has primary control of the redistricting process, both for state legislative districts and for congressional districts

The funniest part is after not so subtly hinting that this is a Republican problem, he decides to showcase the hilariously skewed voting districts of Chicago. Now mind you Oliver had explained that it’s politicians that draw the lines, so who ever is in charge can influence the voting district. It’s funny that this city dominated by Democrats has some of the most abstract voting districts of anywhere in America, when they are in control, they viciously jockey for control, as seen in their voting district.

John Oliver even admits towards the end that Democrats are the ones packing themselves into a few districts, but his solution isn’t for them to stop doing that. No, he not so subtly hints that the popular vote needs to matter more. That is why he titled this segment “Democracy” and not “Constitutional Republic”, because people like John Oliver want to tear our Republic in two. He is upset that because of voting districts, Hillary is not our President today, well I say that just for that, I thank God for those district lines that don’t let a few big cities dictate our direction.

Now, this whole segment he did of course is to prepare Democrats to lose the 2018 midterm elections. When they lose, they will blame Gerrymandering. That is of course if the Trump movement does not destroy itself from within before we get to 2018. Which is a very real possibility that we must avoid. The Liberal media has essentially given up, there isnt much they can do at this point right now, the ball is in our court. John Oliver is merely preaching to his own choir so he isn’t a threat to us, we are our own greatest threat, and we will vanquish ourselves if we are not cautious.




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