Last Week Tonight Ep. 7 Lies!

Yes boys and girls(and Liberals) it is that time yet again. Another new episode of Last Week Tonight, another half-hour of an agitation propaganda laden rant by John Oliver. Another night ending with me desperately cleansing myself in a specialized shower designed to remove chemical contamination in a vain attempt to wash off the disgusting stench of Liberalism. I think I still have some of it on me…*refugees welcome!*…who said that?!bn.pngSo I made a bet before this season started that the main overall theme of Last Week Tonight well be aimed at trying to delegitimize President Trump. In a recent study done by no one, 97% of scientists agreed that John Oliver will continue to attack and undermine Trump.


The Human equivalent of a sugar-free cookie.

Out of the 7 episodes so far, he has went after Trump in 6 of them. That isn’t counting last season when Oliver went on a full assault against Trump that of course ended with Trumps victory and the birth of the Russian Hacker conspiracy.

Absolutely no surprise, not even :40 seconds into the show, Oliver utters the words “Trump and Russia” and he decides to keep parroting the mainstream Liberal media viewpoint of non-existent collusion between Trump and Putin.  He goes after Devin Nunes who made headlines recently with bombshell revelations concerning Obama wiretapping Trump.

Oliver goes into full cover mode and has to start trying to minimize the damage from this revelation by saying it was totally legal and that perhaps Trump himself was not directly targeted, even though Nunes has been saying he was very concerned with what he saw.b The Liberals went into a frenzy that Nunes dared share his findings with the President even though it is part of his job.



With so much going against the Liberals, it’s funny John chose Trump Russia to talk about. After the Liberal media announced that General Flynn had asked for immunity apparently ready to spill his guts exposing the connections between Trump and Russia.

Only it wasn’t true, Flynn had never asked for immunity from prosecution he simply said he was unwilling to participate in a witch hunt knowing he would be treated unfairly. A man that has given over 30 years of his life to America is willing to face trial if he did indeed do something wrong, he knows they will unfairly prosecute him. They were left with no other choice, but to scream Russia and still try to dispel the wiretap rumors.

John only spends a few minutes on this subject as he knows the longer he talks about it he more likely his audience is to catch on that he may not be giving them the whole truth and indeed he is not.

John pivots to a new topic, he wants to talk about Brexit as the grueling official process of leaving the EU officially begins. You can hear the quivering in his voice as he is forced to face a world where Trump is President and his precious Britain has left the globalist leftist driven European Union. His worst night mares are coming true and it will only continue to get worse from here on out as Trump wins victory after victory.


John Oliver takes a swipe at a real British man, Nigel Farage. He plays a clip of the former UKIP leader Nigel Farage saying that Brexit has been the culmination of his life long dream. Indeed Nigel has been warning against the dangers of being involved in the overbearing European Union which essentially overrides a nations borders and laws. John Oliver says that anytime Nigel Farage dreams come true an angel gets diarrhea.

Really? Not only was it a horrible joke, but he had an opportunity to help his audience learn something new by providing evidence why he thinks Nigel Farage is a bad man. Nope, no evidence provided, just a snarky remark. John Oliver always has the snarky remark ready to substitute in place of actual facts, his audience doesn’t care, they only want to learn what Oliver tells them to learn.

Normally I wouldn’t care about debunking this type of show, on the surface it’s a simple satire comedy show, but this is not satire at all. Last Week Tonight is actually pushing a real political agenda and many people actually get news from shows like this and the Daily Show.

Saturday Night Live has also been heavily politicized, and while the sketches(even the Trump ones) are purely satirical, they use their “news” segment Weekend Update to push political agendas in the same style as John Oliver and Trevor Noah, but I digress yet again. Back to the crap.

Where were we? Oh yeah John was blathering on about how horrible Brexit is, how horrible it is that the UK is regaining its independence. Sorry John, but the reality is that when you try to force a country into a union with other countries that may have different cultures, you will get a backlash from the native populations. It isn’t just happening in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Hungary and others are starting to fiercely oppose the EU.


However, John has something entirely different on his mind, marijuana. Now of course I have to point out, that much like the Federal Budget, Medical Marijuana is another issue the Liberals never bothered the executive branch about under Obama. Another traditionally Liberal issue is Tibet, again they were silent during Obama, but now that Trump is President, John Oliver is talking about Tibet.

They will continue to bring up issues such as these to try to undermine Trump. They don’t actually care when nothing is being done about those issues when they are in charge. Like marijuana. Obama had is scheduled as Class 1 drug his entire Presidency and never made even the slightest hint that he wanted to change it. Obama could have encouraged to change the law.

Like the Federal Minimum Wage, why do the Democrats protest in California for $15/hour, but didn’t care that Obama had Federal Minimum Wage at $7.25 since 2009. These issues are going to be inflated now to epic proportions in a bid to undermine Trump, we must remain vigilant and counter their narrative they are always wrong.

Like this part, John Oliver plays a Nixon tape of Tricky Dick saying “Hit it right square in the Puss” in reference to the introduction in large quantities of marijuana across America. Now perhaps you would be forgiven if you didn’t know, “Puss” is actually an old slang term for face.

John Oliver says that marijuana laws are racist because four times as many black people are arrested for marijuana, but again why didn’t he care when Obama was President? Oh because he couldn’t use the racism angle and he would never attack his darling Obama. In fact, John Oliver takes time to defend why Obama never moved to decriminalize marijuana at the Federal level. z.png

Now, the only way that would be an issue would be if Whites and Blacks smoked marijuana at the same rates and you can find plenty of sources that will tell you just that. However, this great article on the National Review breaking down that Black people are using illicit substances at much higher rates than White people. To prove it wasn’t written by White Supremacists, the chart accurately shows that Asian-Americans use drugs at a far less rate than any other race. Very interesting data.mmm.png

John also talks about how medical marijuana dispensaries have to pay increased levels of taxes. He doesn’t take even a second to explain how risky these medical marijuana dispensaries are to communities. I have a medical marijuana prescription in California and I have been to many of these dispensaries. They are rife with shady nefarious characters and I have read about and heard of many armed robberies. ppuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Also people will resell the marijuana sometimes to underage minors, an increase in medical marijuana being used in high schools is occurring across the nation since it has become much easier to access. nnnn.png

Oliver of course resorts to emotional arguments, he brings up the case from 2013 of Maria and Steve Green, whos daughter was taken into child protective services after their home was raided by drug enforcement agents. Of course their daughter was returned, but he doesn’t mention that, because he doesn’t want to lose the emotional edge of his argument. Which is his only strength, to try to appeal to emotions of racism or oppression. I am mostly against the Drug War, not morally, but practically. It isn’t being enforced right, but John Oliver would rather abandon illicit drug restrictions all together. After all a medicated audience is easier to entertain. nb.png

Oliver ends his show with some actual satire, his zebras thing, so he can at least retain some hint that he is a “comedy” show, but we see the truth. We see that the Liberals are using comedians as a way to push political opinions masquerading as comedy. Using laughter to supplant their narrative into the minds of their impressionable viewers, hopefully more people will wake up to this terribly effective psychological tool for spreading Liberal propaganda.



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