Trumps First 100 Days: Defeating ISIS.

President Trump has been in office for a little over two months now, but he is already being tested on multiple fronts. President Trump faces much domestic strife as the Progressives have made it clear that they plan on going limp and not complying with anything the President has to offer, plus many Republicans have also signaled they are willing to put up a challenge which lead to a failed healthcare bill.

The evidence that Barack Obama may well have spied on Trump is mounting, and despite being proven right, Trump and his cabinet are still being assaulted nightly by the Liberal Media and they are doubling down on Russia conspiracies. Yet, President Trump, does not seem fazed in the slightest. So with the Domestic Front relatively harsh, but stable, President Trump can turn to foreign tests that are growing in intensity.


The Battle for Mosul in Iraq is raging furiously, simultaneously, the Battle for Raqqa in Syria continues with similar intensity. And yet still, the quietly loud threat from North Korea remains, perhaps more silently menacing than ever.


The Battle for Mosul is where President Trump has the best opportunity to score a crushing defeat against ISIS in the exact city where they proclaimed their “Caliphate” just three years ago. However, this will be far from an easy victory. Losing Mosul would be a massive setback to the Islamic State.

b.pngISIS has had plenty of time to booby trap the hell out of Mosul, build tunnels, and stockpile weapons. The Obama administration made it no secret they wanted to retake Mosul, which honestly the US troops never should have left Iraq in the first place, but that gave ISIS valuable time to prepare for the fight. As anyone who studies warfare knows, an entrenched and prepared enemy is the hardest to fight against.


Islamic State militants are currently surrounded and cut off in the central Old City District of Mosul after 5 months of bitter fighting, but the narrow streets and alleyways in the Old City make progress difficult. The enemy is resourceful, ISIS has plenty of suicide bombers left, deploy homemade drones for recon missions, still receiving steady supplies, and have light artillery at their disposal. alalam_635437904985729302_25f_4x3.jpg

A recent video showed a suicide bomber in an armored bulldozer plowing through a roadblock and blowing himself up at an Iraqi checkpoint, with devastating consequences.

As I write this, US ground troops are being deployed to Iraq to help further assist our allies in the region, but it isn’t just the Iraqi military in the fight. The Kurdish “Peshmerga” and many other nations have also been a major assistance to the offensive and President Trump and Defense Secretary Mattis need to do everything they can to support them in this attack, but must be careful to avoid military disasters.


Taking up arms against ISIS.

Recently an estimated 200 civilians were killed in an airstrike that many media outlets are blaming on the United States, especially the Liberal media. The Iraqi military has vehemently denied that the US is responsible for the civilian casualties. Remember, the US military was actually invited by the Iraqi government to assist in the fight against ISIS. The Iraqi military says ISIS militants had rigged buildings packed with civilians with explosives, which lead to the deaths, an independent investigation is under way.


Lib Media hysteria.



Iraq is a complete mess thanks to the 2003 invasion by President Bush, and the subsequent rushed withdrawal of troops by Barack Obama, and perhaps President Trump can’t exactly fix Iraq. At least he can clear ISIS out of Iraq and get that country finally back on it’s feet after everything it has been through. I think he can do it, and he can also send more help to the fight in Syria as well.Isis-maintenance-road.jpg


In the Syrian city of Raqqa, a connected battle is being fought against the ISIS insurgents besieged in the city, which is known as the “Capital of ISIS”. The US has regained the initiative in Syria by shifting from an anti-Assad policy to an anti-ISIS policy, which no surprise is much more popular. In Syria, the primary component of the attack are Kurdish militia forces supported by US warplanes.

However, I think the geopolitical situation in Syria is vastly more complicated. The US could get along much faster by working directly with the Syrian government and Russia to expedite the process of removing ISIS from Syria, but following the Russian annexation of Crimea, Obama decided to end military-to-military cooperation with the Russian forces. So it is a very tense situation, Army Lt. Gen. Steven Townsend told reporters earlier this month that all the forces in Syria “have converged literally within hand-grenade range of one another.” n.png

So hopefully we can put the Russian conspiracy, new Cold War hysteria behind us(talking to you Liberals) and move forward on finally getting rid of this menace known as ISIS. ISIS recently released a video online showing children as young as six, performing a house sweep with firearms being used on live targets. These are monsters that need to be purged from the surface of the Earth is the most brutally efficient way possible.


The 101st Airborne “Screaming Eagles” are on the ground in Iraq, eat this ISIS.

Yet, while the Middle East burns and Europe is on the brink. Sleeping dragons in Asia are stirring. North Korea has been very noisy lately and extremely aggressive in it’s posturing towards the US and it’s allies. Japan is on high-alert and anything could happen at any moment. President Trump has deployed nuclear-capable bombers in an effort to deter the North Koreans from further aggression. Meanwhile, China itself continues to show that it is determined to grow it’s influence in the region and around the world._90658703_north_korea_hwanghae_missile_mapv2.jpgYou may have noticed I left Iran out of most of this, that is because I think that Iran can easily be handled through Russia. Russia is the main ally of Iran and they are essentially at the mercy of the Russian government. By cooperating with Russia not only can we bring a swift end to the conflicts in the Ukraine and Syria, but we can guarantee a good standing against Iran without having to use our military.


So President Trump certainly has his plate full. With a $20 trillion debt. An enemy media intent on opposing him at every turn and pitting American citizens against him. Seditious Democrats protecting a failing healthcare system. On top of all that he has to deal with all these foreign hot spots flaring up around the globe. I honestly can’t imagine a better person to have at the helm right now and I have full confidence President Trump can handle everything being thrown at him.

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