“Trumpcare” Is Dead…For Now.

The American Healthcare Act, or AHCA, dubbed Trumpcare by the Liberal media, dubbed Ryancare by smart Conservatives is dead…for now. Actually for the foreseeable future as well. President Trump has reportedly said he will not reintroduce the bill for at least a few weeks. The Liberals are absolutely ecstatic, they have had very few victories over the past few years, and less so against Trump, so consider this the Conservatives basically throwing them a bone.

The bill seemed to be doomed from start. It came out of the gate under immediate criticism, from Liberals and Conservatives alike. The Liberals were upset at the possibility of coverage loss, the Conservatives were upset that large parts of Obamacare were still fully intact in this bill. Which is why I still don’t understand why the Democrats opposed the bill so vigorously, this was written for them, by their buddy Paul Ryan.


Of course they can’t stop “happy-tweeting”(what a retarded term), what other victories have they had lately? The Democrats have lost the house, they lost the senate. They embarrassingly lost the White House after going all-in for Hillary against an opponent they called a clown. Obamacare is still a disaster and America still has a $20 trillion dollar debt thanks to the Democrats wild spending spree. images.jpgMost importantly however, they have lost the narrative. The Trump-Russia conspiracy is quickly being torn apart. The economy is booming again. Trump has had successful meetings with foreign leaders. The President is absolutely hell bent on delivering on every single promise he made on the campaign trail in record time. Obamacare-Trainwreck-10-2013.png

That is why the Liberals are trying to capitalize on this “victory”, because they know they may not get victories very often under the Trump Administration. Trump is a brilliant strategist, and even when he fails, he is still ten steps ahead planning how to use his failure to his own advantage.

Since Donald Trump moved so fast on trying to get a quick repeal of Obamacare, he saved himself precious valuable time to get working on another project. I can only say I am disappointed that President Trump hasn’t put the blame on Paul Ryan. This is entirely Paul Ryans fault, this bill was his the President was only endorsing it, a mistake in my opinion.PaulRyan.jpg

Paul Ryan is a snake, he is a traitor, he has been promising to repeal Obamacare for years, but has only strengthened it. Now he has tried to sabotage Trump, but I think Trump saw through this. Certainly many Conservatives have seen this. It’s funny that the Liberals are patting themselves on the back for stopping this bill, but really it was the Conservatives opposing it that stopped the bill.


I always want to punch this man right in the face.

The bill will be reviewed, edited, redone and reintroduced. Next time hopefully President Trump pushes for a full repeal, I don’t think he should worry too much about replacing the bill. It is NOT the obligation of the government to provide healthcare to citizens. We must fight against the Socialist agenda to get everyone on a government run healthcare system, at all costs.

I hope the Liberals savor this “victory” as much as they can. Soak it up, enjoy it, because I have a feeling that in just a week or two, they will be crying yet again. They are championing the success of Conservatives that opposed this healthcare bill, how embarrassing for them. They are praising that Americans will be stuck with a disastrous healthcare system, but it won’t be long until they are back on the defensive.g.jpg

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