LastWeekTonight LIES Ep. 6

Yes it’s that time again, the time to slowly feel my brain decay as I listen to the autistic screeching of the perpetually triggered John Oliver. Using his big media platform to brainwash a generation. Racking up hundreds of millions of views on YouTube by using subversive psychological warfare tactics that combine laughter and propaganda to indoctrinate his viewers into the cultural-Marxist agenda. That is why I am watching, to defend a generation from his lies, that and I have nothing better to do. Let’s go.

Come on John, gimme some Trump, I know deep down inside you are just DYING to try and attack Trump. No matter how badly it backfires on you, no matter how spectacularly you fail each time you go after our President, you always come back for more. v.png

Haha yes!! I knew it! Oh John, how predictable you and your Liberal media cohorts have become. I should start a betting pool, I can pretty much guarantee a 90% chance that John Oliver will complain about Trump and you cannot say he complained about President Obama as much, it was the reverse.

There was a 90% chance he would not be criticizing Obama. This is how predictable the Liberal media has become and this blatant hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed. In 2016 Oliver could rattle on all day long about Trump, but wouldn’t take two seconds to talk about Hillarys numerous real scandals, but I digress.

What is Olivers beef with Trump this week? Well, of course, it’s President Trumps meeting with German Chancellor Angela “Mama” Merkel. John Oliver of course plays the infamous clip of Donald Trump supposedly refusing the shake hands with Merkel. While I would fully support Trumps decision to never shake hands with that vicious snake, this is yet another Liberal media lie.

What they want you to see:


What they don’t want you to see:


The real truth is that foreign leaders love President Trump, they want to see a strong United States that takes the initiative and is never indecisive or weak. Obama was weak, terrorism spread like wildfire and Europe is on the brink. Leaders like Merkel are afraid to be strong, they need strong allies to make it through these troubling times, they know a Donald Trump is a man you can always count on to get a job done. He can help clean Europe and make it great again, so why do people like John Oliver attack him 24/7?

Because they don’t want a strong America. They want a weakened, helpless, defenseless America. That will make it easier for them to control this great nation of ours, by installing spineless leaders that create more problems than they solve. Trump is already delivering on ALL of his campaign promises at a rate faster than I think anyone expected, but getting back to this episode of LastWeekTonight.

He decides to go after White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Judge Andrew Napolitano. For recent remarks made towards possible evidence that could exist that former President Obama could have ordered surveillance of Trump through British intelligence. This was no doubt a seemingly bombshell revelation.

However, Oliver was not taking context into account. No surprise. The remarks were made by Andrew Napolitano on FOX news, where he spoke about hearing these allegations from members of the intelligence community. However, he also clearly admitted he had not yet seen the hard evidence, this was just what he heard. Sean Spicer wasn’t making any specific allegation, he was simply quoting the Judge and asking the media why they don’t do their job and investigate these claims.

John Oliver attacks Trump for not apologizing for these allegations, but Trump himself was not personally making these accusations, and they made no secret of who was saying that Obama had used British Intelligence Service, GCHQ, to potentially ‘wiretap’ Trump. Of course FOX news, unlike CNN, made it clear that the statements made by Judge Napolitano were purely his own opinion, and Press Seceratary Spicer made it clear he was quoting the Judge, but Oliver won’t let his fans in on the context of the situation. It makes it easier for him to make his cheesy predictable jokes.

So yet again, virtually no hard evidence and a whole lot of slanderous attacks against our President Trump and his staff. Of course, John’s audience eats it up like the good little sheep that they are, but Trump is not the main topic of this weeks episode of LastWeekTonight(even though Trump has become the overall theme of the show). No, tonight John Oliver wants to talk about…drum roll please…the Federal budget.bng.png

Now, this is interesting. John Oliver has aired a pretty impressive 95 episodes to date of this garbage, and I cannot find ONE instance where John Oliver has ever wanted to talk about the Federal budget. You would have thought, under the biggest spender in history, Barack Obama, that John Oliver would have wanted to talk about the debt every episode.

Under no other President did debt accumulate as it did under Obama, he was the single worst thing to ever happen to America’s spending ability. Liberals cried when Bush spent more than all other President before him, but Obama in true Liberal hypocrite fashion, went ahead and spent more than every single other President before him combined including Bush.

So, I think it’s hilarious that all of a sudden you will start to hear Liberals talking about the National Debt, but don’t expect that to last. So far, the Trump Presidency has lowered the debt by $60-70 billion dollars and I am gonna be that John Oliver will NOT mention that anywhere in his “Federal Budget” hit piece.


Oliver said the list of programs being cut were like “the end credits to America”, well John they are actually the end credits to the Liberal establishment, with your endless amounts of useless failed programs. This is where the big government Liberals come out of their shells and whine as Trump slashes the Federal budget dramatically, as promised. The hypocrisy will be on full display as they defend the overgrown government.

John Oliver thinks welfare is more important than a military. This is the failed Liberal mentality, and why they will never be in control again. If we lived in a peaceful world with zero conflict, sure the utopian mindset could work, but people need to be protected. Now more than ever with the growing threats abroad from China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and many other hot spots. So Trump proposing a military increase in spending of $50 billion isn’t a bad idea, especially considering the $60 billion Trump already saved America so far.n.png

BOOM, massive hypocrite moment for John Oliver when he attacks Trumps proposal to give $1.6 billion to the agency in charge of securing Americas nuclear arsenal. Oliver ran an episode in his first season where he bashed Americas security status of our nuclear arsenal, but now that President Trump is actually trying to fix the situation, John Oliver has a problem with nuclear security.

Another epic fail moment was when John Oliver tried to say that cutting the EPA makes no fiscal sense, since the EPA only account for 0.2% of the overall Federal Budget. r.png

Of course John doesn’t take not even a second to mention exactly how much 0.2% of Americas Federal budget is. Lets take a quick look shall we?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In just one year the Environmental Protection Agency can spend from $8-10 billion dollars. In the last ten years alone the EPA has spent almost over a hundred billion dollars. President Trump isn’t even proposing a full cut yet, we would still have an EPA, just a much more limited one. This makes total financial sense for a nation that has a massive debt like we currently do. President Trump is making all the right decisions, but John Oliver won’t take even a moment to help his audience learn how much of our own money our government wastes each year. John Oliver had to resort to the old tried and tested Liberal method of getting emotional to make an argument.

Again, far too many lies and inconsistencies in one episode to name every single one and this week John Oliver actually gave up part way through and spent ten minutes talking about some people dressed like Zebras in South America and somehow managed to turn it into an incredibly unfunny Trump sleight that left me scratching my head, I think he ran out of “facts” for the night.

I genuinely did not laugh once while watching this episode, terribly unfunny, and factually incorrect, I would never recommend anyone watch this show, but if you do, double check anything you hear from John Oliver or any other “satire news”.


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