Marine Le-Pen Will Win the French Election.

I don’t usually try to make bold predictions on this blog. I like to make informed predictions, based on evidence and statistical facts. While more recent polls place Marine Le-Pen will within contention to win the election, last year virtually every poll you can find says Marine Le-Pen will NOT win the French Election. Earlier today, the most recent poll showed her behind by half a percent. So I am predicting right here, right now, that the “far-right” Marine Le-Pen WILL WIN the French Election of 2017.85a.jpegNow, having said that, I am absolutely no expert in the electoral process of the Fifth French Republic. Hell I didn’t even know their were four other French Republics before the one they have now and I probably can’t name any other French Presidents outside of Sarkozy, Hollande and De Gaulle(wait was De Gaulle even a President? Oh well). p.png

So why am I making this bold prediction? Because the exact same people who said Hillary Clinton would win the US Presidential election, and Britain would remain in the EU, are the exact same pollsters saying Le Pen will not win.



Bloomberg thinks Macron will win the election, they also said Hillary would win the Presidency.

General rule of life for me, if the Liberal media is saying something, it’s usually the opposite that is true. One of the most recent polls, from just a few hours ago, shows a very close race between Le Pen and her main opponent at the moment, Emmanuel Macron, but the poll gives Macron a .5 lead over Le Pen, a very slight edge.

Granted, they learned from their mistakes following Brexit and Trump. They saw that they had rigged the polls by far to great a percentage and people could obviously see they were wrong. We all remember the insane predictions of 98% guarantee chance for Hillary to win, and just like with “Climate Change” predictions, whenever someone tells you that 98% of people agree on anything, you should immediately be skeptical. huffpost-1102.pngyt.png

Marine Le-Pen is a candidate any nation would be proud of. Fiercely nationalist, incredibly patriotic, and extremely courageous. Le Pen has promised to lead the French charge out of the European Union in what is being called “Frexit”. Not content with jabbing the death blow to the so called “Eurozone”, Marine Le Pen wants France out of the military alliance known as NATO.393.jpgThis would fundamentally alter the course of future history, in my opinion, for the better. NATO has become a burden for many nations who seek greater autonomy over their own borders. With growing military obligations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and the new cold war with Russia. Many nations around the globe are becoming more independent, or isolationist, as they don’t want to become bogged down in a military adventure that has nothing to do with them.l.jpg

Look at Afghanistan. France has lost a total of 88 soldiers in the country. Fighting a US war, while you could argue they could potentially gain a mutual benefit of shared security, that hasn’t been the case. With all the recent terrorist attacks in France, from Paris to Nice, radical Islam has been ravaging the country for a while now. So why are they fighting radical Islam in Afghanistan when they have radical Islam in Paris? Situations like this are what is making countries like France tired of alliances like the EU and NATO.hqdefault.jpg

In the United States a growing segment of the population has become weary of alliances like the UN or NATO. Why? Because they create a legal obligation for the United States to help others either economically or militarily. While I do strongly believe in helping allies, I believe stronger in “America first”. Many other nations are starting to realize that they are subjects to the whims of unelected bureaucrats and can be pulled into a bloody war simply because one of their leaders signed a document. ll.jpg

Marine Le Pen knows this. Whether or not she actually means what she is saying is an entirely different story, but it’s clear her message of nationalism and independence is reverberating across a disillusioned France. With the victory of President Trump and the astonishing vote for Britain to leave the European Union, a time for populism is upon us.

A France tired of being a part of an overbearing bureaucracy that controls the country from outside of its borders. A France tired of having to spend taxpayer money to help non-French people. A France eager to control it’s own destiny, which brings us to this very historical moment. The European Union could soon be a thing of the past, and Marine Le Pen may just be the one to finally kill it. hey-facebook-these-are-fine-like-haha-sad-angry-love-1166538.png


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