Yes, Your Microwave Can Spy On You.

Kellyanne Conway is getting blasted by the Liberal Media for recently suggesting that it was possible for the CIA to spy on someone through their microwave. I can already see the inevitably cheesy SNL skit where a terrible Kellyanne Conway impersonator does a skit with a talking microwave. The reaction from the Liberals was immediate and currently the hashtag #KellyanneMicrowave is trending on Twitter with thousands of them bashing Kellyanne for her comments.

In the actual interview she mentioned about the spying microwave in passing literally for 2 seconds of her very articulate response. Kellyanne was responding to a question regarding the revelation that Obama had wiretapped Trump tower late last year, and seems to have wiretapped many of the people close to Donald Trump. Which perfectly explains all of the sudden leaks against Trump associates. The great takeaway here is that no major leaks have happened against Trump himself which proves to me he is about as clean of a political candidate as you can get, crime wise.

If major evidence against President Trump existed that could lead to impeachment, you can bet your bottom dollar that it would have been exposed by now, but getting back to Kellyannes comments about the spying microwaves. She is talking about an extremely important point here, the unwarranted and almost unlimited spying capacity of American and British intelligence agencies. Not only that, but their absolute pension to use these spying tools on Americans. Yes, that includes using your microwave as a listening device or even a video camera.

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I find it absolutely hilarious that Colbert had on his show ex-CIA Michael Hayden to tell you that no your microwave cannot spy on you…aa.png

But when I watched the actual video, Michael Hayden does not directly deny that a microwave cannot be used as a listening device. He simply says no the government is not spying on you through your microwave if your an American citizen. Why? Because “its not allowed to”. Haha, please tell me when that has ever stopped the government from doing something, because it’s not “supposed to”, what a joke. It’s no surprise that ex-CIA chief Michael Hayden was an outspoken critic of Trump’s candidacy. zw.png

However, Kellyanne was not exclusively talking about the spying microwave, she simply mentioned it as being part of a broader range of devices being used to currently spy on people. Which it is a known fact that ANY device can be turned into a listening or recording device, and yes that includes microwaves. Now, would a microwave be the ideal choice for a spy device? Of course not. For a number of reasons, it would be much more difficult to convert a microwave into a listening device as opposed to a toaster.


That of course doesn’t mean that they don’t do it. They can use a dishwasher to spy on you, a toaster, hell, even a simple light switch can be turned into a camera. As technology becomes more dependent on the internet and devices becomes smarter, spying on people will become easier and easier. As we turn out refrigerators into smart devices, so to do we open yet another possibility of a security breach. A microwave is absolutely NO exception. Microwaves are becoming smarter, and are being fitted with devices to connect them to the internet.

The modern home is becoming ‘smarter’, but in doing so we have become more vulnerable than ever to lapses in privacy. Of course, ultimately you should be much more concerned with your smart phone, TV, laptop or computer spying on you than your microwave. It’s more than likely that you would never be targeted with a spy microwave. However, that does not mean that they do not exist.


Liberals would ridicule me if I told them that dragonfly buzzing their head could be a camera, but CIA spy tools like that are all too real.

It’s very peculiar that the Liberals seem to be more concerned about debunking spying microwaves than it is about addressing the proven spying that is happening all around us. Kellyanne was NOT suggesting that a spying microwave was used to wiretap Trump, she was simply saying that high-tech microwaves that could potentially turn into cameras do exist and that so many devices can be used for spying that it’s a real possibility Trump was wire tapped. She was speaking to how every single electronic device we come into contact with can potentially become a spying platform, including your kitchen microwave, and that is the main issue here.


The Liberals would rather talk about microwaves than to talk about the real hard evidence exposed in the Vault 7 leaks that prove the CIA can do a number of very insidious things. Including hacking and being able to digitally frame the hack attack on any entity. It’s more than obvious that any ‘evidence’ they have of Russian spying is simply CIA spying using digital tech to cover their tracks and blame the Russians.

The Liberals are in full retreat, they have no more ground to stand on after 2016 and they continue to lose territory every day that Trump is in office. All of their insane predictions like saying Trump would “kill us all” have taken away what little credibility they had. So they have no choice, but to focus on the most minuscule pieces of evidence, like Kellyanne putting her feet on a couch or talking about microwaves that can spy on people. They are grasping at straws and will continue to lose the narrative as we Conservatives now challenge the Liberal media on every front. Expect more desperation to come.

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