LastWeekTonight S4 Ep5 Debunked.

www.GIFCreator.me_gYYkj4.gifSo here we are again, another Sunday night, another new episode of LastWeekTonight, another 30-minutes of my life I will never get back. I would rather stand in line for days at the DMV behind a Siamese triplet of Carrot-Top, Gilbert Godfrey and Lena Dunham than have to watch this show, but it must be done. I watch this garbage so I can let others know about the numerous lies and inconsistencies coming out of this show and others.

LastWeekTonight is supposed to be a simple satire comedy news show. However, it actually serves as more of a political spin machine, designed to do damage control for the Left and attack the Right. Completely lacking comedy(and true satire), John Oliver and his show LastWeekTonight have functioned as a fully biased Left-Wing attack dog . So let’s see what John Oliver got wrong this week.

z.pngWell John starts off this episode with a “recap of the week”, and cuck that he is, he immediately gets giddy about International Women’s Day. I am genuinely surprised, he for once didn’t start off the show immediately attacking President Trump, perhaps he realized that while his videos online get 20 million or more views, he is angering 5 times more than that every time he attacks Trump. So Oliver wisely backed off of the big dog, but something tells me he will still go full SJW at some point before the episode is over, not that he already hasn’t been.

Getting back to International Womens day. Oliver somehow uses the holiday to take a shot at none other than Vladimir Putin, of all people. He plays a small clip of Putin praising women

Women give us life and perpetuate it in our children.

We will do our utmost to surround the women we love with care and attention, so that they can smile more often

Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with what Putin was saying, but for some reason, Olivers audience was already laughing before Oliver had even made his joke. He has brainwashed them to laugh at the mere sight or mention of a person. All he has to do is sit there and say “Putin-Trump” all night and his audience would still split their sides.

So what was Olivers “clever” retort to Putin? He says sarcastically “If there are two things women love it’s being told to smile more and being surrounded”. Even though Putin actually said, “surround the women we love with care and attention” which is a statement any man should agree with. John can somehow turn that into a joke, which ultimately makes no sense, but his audience still goes insane with laughter.

Oliver is using a social device to trick his audience into thinking a certain way about a specific person. His audience is incapable of thinking for themselves, they will never cross reference or verify anything he is telling them and he knows it, so he can just make up slanderous lies and they eat it up.

John then talks about the Brazilian Presidents recent comments. He plays a quick clip of Brazilian President, Michel Temer, saying something along the lines that no one can predict a change in supermarket prices better than a woman. I won’t defend Temer, but it’s obvious that because Temer is viewed as a misogynist since the former female President was impeached and he appointed an all male staff in her wake that John Oliver is simply trying to pander to SJWs.

He plays a third clip of some totally random daytime talk show on FOX San Antonio, “Daytime@Nine”. I cant even find the actual clip of the segment John Oliver was showing. “Daytime@Nine” gets less than 100 views on Youtube videos. This is a totally obscure tiny day time news show. Is this what you have become John? From attacking the President of the United States to trying to make fun of some small local FOX news show?

So that ends that, Oliver moves on to another topic. The Vault 7 Wikileaks. WTF! John, could it be?! Are you seriously gonna talk about something real and teach your audience something? YES! FINALLY! Wait, wait, wait, no, no you’re gonna defend the CIA and attack Wikileaks arent you? Yup, that’s exactly what you’re gonna do…

It’s very telling that John starts off this segment with saying the CIA is his employer, and makes a silly joke of it. Any aware person knows the CIA has extremely intimate ties with virtually every aspect of Hollywood, of course Oliver won’t take a few minutes to explain these ties to his audience, keeping them in the dark only showing them half truths is always the plan.

John Oliver proceeds to actually try and debunk Wikileaks! Yes he defends the CIA here by saying that Wikileaks wording was misleading. Well sir, just because you don’t think that the CIA “exploring the possibility” of doing something actually means they will do it, you are wrong. When the CIA is “exploring the possibility” of doing something, that means there is a good chance they are actually already doing it.

Yet, I think John knows he is out of his league here taking on Wikileaks. After all what would happen if Julian Assange decides to leak John Olivers emails? I don’t think poor lil fragile Ollie could take that. He makes his entire life on attacking others, no one is ever supposed to point out his incredibly hypocrisy, outright lies.

The odds are stacked against people like John Oliver, and the rest of the Liberal media. Time is not on their side, the longer we resist their conditioning the weaker they become. They have even began to lose a hold of their more ardent supporters, thousands of people every day are turning away from the toxic Liberal mentality.

So John Oliver switches gears and decides to talk about Obamacare the rest of the episode. Actually, wait, no he just says he is gonna talk about Obamacare, but really he’s gonna attack the American Health Care Act.nnmr2

Which many Conservative outlets, including Breitbart are opposing. So it’s not like Oliver is even saying anything in this segment that even has any relevance. The AHCA will be changed as time goes on, amended and rewritten until the final bill looks nothing like the current one.

A funny part of the show came when John Oliver got triggered by Jason Chaffetz, who was advocating that young people should invest more money into their own healthcare rather than buying the latest cell phones. Which I totally agree with, young people spend thousands per year on cars, clothes and food, but can’t seem to pay for their own damn birth control anymore.

John, however, thinks all the rich people should pay all the poor peoples healthcare. Well how many poor peoples health insurance do you pay for John? Surely your millions can help pay for poor healthcare. Like all those annoying SJW Hollywood celebrities, they never wanna donate any of their own money, they want other people to pay.

John is simply using the AHCA as a talking point, a jab at the GOP. Which many Republicans oppose the main plan anyway. It was spearheaded by Paul Ryan, who seems to be distrusted by a lot of the Trump supporters that I speak with. They say Paul Ryan is pushing through Obamacare 2.0 and thats exactly what some of the parts of the AHCA are.

So the Liberals should be able to praise it, but outlets like CNN are poking holes in the parts of the plan that they don’t like. The bill is still basically everything they wanted, but because a Republican is doing it, they will oppose it, even though Paul Ryan is basically the “White Obama” in my opinion.


No matter how much money a person makes they should NEVER be forced to pay to care for someone who is fully capable of taking care of themselves.

So this is who John Oliver is, he lives his life according to whatever CNN or The New York times said that day. He is just continually parroting CNN and NYT over and over. Everything they said, Oliver agrees with. The evidence is out there that specifically the New York Times worked directly with the CIA to put out news and viewpoints the CIA was interested in pushing. So when LastWeekTonight is using these same CIA fronts as it’s sole sources for “facts”, it’s obvious to see why you should never trust a word from any of these people without cross checking, and verifying everything for yourself. “Trust, but verify”.



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