“Birthers” Vindicated.


Malik Obama, half-brother of former President Barack Hussein Obama, today tweeted what appears to be a Kenyan birth certificate bearing the name of Barack  Hussein Obama II, lighting the internet ablaze. President Trump has yet to comment on this revelation, and it’s not readily apparent whether he will have an opinion on this.

In my opinion, if this document is real, and I have no reason to doubt it is, could completely expose the true identity of the former President. A communist-Marxist, CIA-agent who was addicted to dishonesty and hell-bent on destroying America, that will be the legacy of Barack Obama.

“Birtherism” started back in 2008 in the bitterly contested election, not between Obama and McCain, but between Obama and Hillary Clinton. It was by far one of the most brutal primary elections in recent memory, hard-fought, and ultimately won by Obama. Hillary Clinton, using her many world wide inside connections, spread a real doozie against Barack Obama. Of course the Clinton campaign has since retracted this claim, but it was too late.mm.jpg

The cat was out of the bag when an email-chain went viral, in the email it said:

“Barack Obama’s mother was living in Kenya with his Arab-African father late in her pregnancy. She was not allowed to travel by plane then, so Barack Obama was born there and his mother then took him to Hawaii to register his birth,”

Looking at the Kenyan birth certificate, fully corroborates this story. The evidence isagainst Obama. His father, without a doubt, was Kenyan and continued to live in Kenya. Barack Obama has admitted that he ‘grew up’ in Indonesia, where he was fully immersed in  Looking back into the past, Obama continually claimed to be Kenyan born:mmmmm.jpg

Obama never officially said he was born in America until after he became President. Donald Trump made the issue hit National headlines when he began to openly question the nationality of Barack Obama. qq.pngOf course, under considerable pressure Barack Obama did eventually release his “long form” birth certificate, only to come under immediate scrutiny. lead_960.jpg

What did the Liberal media have to say about “Birtherism”?



Can someone please tell me why the f**k anyone would ever get a political opinion from “TeenVogue”?

So it seems that yet again, the Liberal media will have it’s foot in its mouth by the end of all this. They continue to discredit themselves by siding with the Liberal establishment. They ridicule and slander anyone that disagrees with their narrow minded point of view. Yet again Trump was right, the Liberal media was wrong. Will this continue to be a trend throughout the Trump Presidency? If so, 2020 could be a great year for Trump supporters.

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