Wikileaks vs The CIA: Vault 7.

Wikileaks earlier today published a massive trove of leaked documents stolen from the CIA. In total there are about 9,000 pages of raw data. The leaks have been dubbed, “Vault 7”.


This data is apparently from the higher levels of the CIA, and only became available to Wikileaks after the data was circulated around a group of 5,000 former government contractors and officials. One of those 5,000 people is said to be the Wikileaks source for this data.

The main body of the data aims to expose the CIA involvement in hacking and fdceavesdropping on electronic communications. From cell phones to SmartTVs the CIA can create a unique malware specific to your device so they can easily listen in to conversations and track your movements.

It is absolutely incredible what is in these leaks. Apparently the CIA has the ability to hack almost any internet enabled device and make the hack look like it is coming from somewhere else.

One such program, known as “Weeping Angel” was being deployed in the UK. The name reminds me of the “Weeping Angels” from the hit television series in the UK called Doctor Who. Weeping_Angels_AttackingThe Angels were seemingly harmless statues when stared at, but look away and the weeping angels come to life with sinister motives. This was a malware program that targeted Samsung SmartTVs, it would put the TV into a fake-off mode, but the TV was still on, and recording audio that it was sending back the CIA.

Downloading and cracking pirated versions of the popular computer operating system, Windows, is a highly illegal copyright offense. So naturally the CIA was showing their color-cia-lies-panetta-webagents exactly how to skip the activation code in Windows. If that alone isn’t enough to bring some type of transparency to the agency I do not know what will be.

Many are working right now in the media to fully verify the authenticity of these documents, but Wikileaks has a proven track record of publishing true documents. In over 10 years they have yet to make a single mistake, which bodes very well for the veracity of these documents. 

The big takeaway here is that if these leaks are real(which I think they are). This will be the first hard evidence that the United States Government is paying to purposely leave iOS/Android software vulnerable and unsafe so the USG can easily hack into phones of people they want to spy on. This is the first major leak of documents under our new President.


Its not immediately apparent how President Trump will respond to these leaks. On the one hand it could confirm some of the suspicions he had about Obama wiretapping him. On the other hand this is the first major leak of information regarding the US government while Trump is President, and one thing Trump made very clear is that he has very little tolerance for leakers within the US Government.. _93824358_capture.png

How he responds to this leak will be very telling. Many Liberals have accused the President, Wikileaks and Russia of some type of collusion and, In fact, already many Liberals are placing Russia in the middle of these leaks. Claiming they are trying to undermine the legitimacy of US institutions.

Its quite interesting to hear the Liberals dsadefending the CIA of all US entities. These Liberals are the people that pretended to be fully against secrecy and torture. Yet here they are defending the CIA. Why? Because the CIA and other intelligence agencies, are at war with Donald Trump. The CIA made headlines last year by involving itself in the whole Russian hacking accusations, when parts of the agency came out to say there was strong evidence linking Russia to US hacking in an effort to manipulate the election.

These allegations are pure poppycock in my opinion, whether or not the Russians hacked Podestas email is secondary to the contents of that email. If Russia was in fact behind the leaks than that would mean that we can count on a foreign country more than we can count on our own country to expose criminal behavior within our own government. That is unacceptable.wikileaks.jpg

Of course more evidence exists that it was leakers within the DNC that leaked out the Podesta’s email. Like the Vault 7 leaks and Snowden leaks, its usually people within the organizations that personally leak out this type of information.

With the CIA ability to frame hack attacks on other countries, there is absolutely no telling who actually hacked anything. An important thing to note is that Russia is fully capable of creating these types of attacks as well, so if they had actually been the ones hacking the DNC, we would never know about it. The evidence now points overwhelmingly to it being a CIA false-flag operation.i.imgur.com_8ZtUAA4.gif

Of course none of that matters to the Liberals who care more about protecting their own ideology and the image of their party more than about exposing and stopping corruption. Even though Wikileaks has fully proven itself to be a totally unbiased organization by being massive thorn in the side of both the Bush and Obama Administration.

Liberals hailed Julian Assange as a patriot and a truth teller during the Bush era, but as soon as he went after Hillary, Assange became a “Russian agent working for Trump” and public enemy #1 to the Liberals. These leaks are completely undermining the false narrative of the Russian hacking allegations. However, I still see many of the more hardcore Liberals fully attacking wikileaks and demanding they release information about Trump or Russia instead.


Good to see John McCain taking a stand against the CIA hacking citizens. *reads article* Oh actually hes blaming Russia and saying the CIA needs more power….Not surprised.

Assange has already stated that when Wikileaks looked into Donald Trump, there wasn’t anything there that wasn’t already available to the public. So the worse on Trump is already out there, and it isn’t bad. Wikileaks is helping expose corruption inside of the US government. We should be very thankful for this service they are doing for us. The Liberals can be mad and demand Trump step down, but if I had to choose between Donald Trump, who made a few vulgar statements, or Barack Obama, who wiretapped the entire world and blamed Russia, I am going to choose Donald Trump any day of the week.

Vault 7 is the single largest CIA document leak in US history. The best part about all of this? Wikileaks has said this is just a part of the leaks.

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