Driving Out Obamacare.


Republicans in the House, kinda sounds like a cheesy 90’s sitcom about a uppity Conservative dating a ghetto Liberal, but House Republicans today unveiled the “American Health Care Act”. Of course it was promptly dubbed, “Trumpcare”. So far I like some of what I see. Already this bill repeals the taxes imposed by Obamacare and gets rid of the individual/employer mandate, those were the egregious fines imposed if you didn’t have insurance, or offer it to your employees. It also brings a few hidden gems like no more Federal funds towards Planned Parenthood.



Liberal Media always makes me sick when using children for political points. Disgusting.

Yet again, President Trump is delivering on another one of his major campaign promises, getting rid of the disastrous Obamacare. Now of course this is just a total start for a bill. This bill will still be changed, edited, and amended. It may end up looking like a totally different bill by the time it reaches the Presidents desk. In my opinion the bill still could cut even more. Trump is trying to be diplomatic and keeping in a lot of parts of Obamacare. Perhaps knowing that the Republicans can purge out the rest of Obamacare. Senator Rand Paul called the American Health Care Act, “Obamacare Lite”. Indeed this bill actually keeps addtext_com_MDIxMDI1MTkxMjAa good portion of the Obamacare bill intact so far.

President Trump is making a mistake by trying to be diplomatic with these Liberals. They will oppose him no matter what he does. They can’t stand anyone actually changing anything if they can’t profit from it. People like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer, they have already promised to oppose the American Health Care Act.

I think Paul Ryan is behind a lot of the more Liberal aspects of this bill. Ryan was forced at the last minute to drop a plan he was pushing to impose a tax on the most generous employer-provided health plans, if he wanted to satisfy Conservative lawmakers.Obamacare.jpg

This bill still allows the Federal funding of the expansion of medicaid until 2020, which should appeal to the Liberals, but because Trump is doing it, they will oppose it. I totally disagree with expanding medicaid, but the bill does state that in 2020 the States will no longer receive Federal funds for medicaid expansions and the bill changes the funding of medicaid from an open-ended funding to a limited funding that takes into account program costs.Obamacare-Trainwreck-10-2013.png

Now in the end this is not a full out repeal and replacement of Obamacare, so far this is just parts of Obamacare gutted and other parts of Obamacare kept it. I like whats gutted, I don’t like what is staying, so far. We will see what happens. The main takeaway here is that Donald Trump finally has the Republicans delivering on promises they have been making for a few election cycles now. Repealing Obamacare has supposedly been a top priority for the GOP, yet it hasn’t taken the major steps necessary to remove this bill, until now. Until President Trump.

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