The Right Fights Back!

Thousands of patriots gathered yesterday across the country in a very successful show of support for the President of the United States, Donald J Trump. In what was known online as the “Spirit of America” rally, organized on Facebook by a group called “Main Street Patriots”. Pro-America citizens showed up in cities all around the country to show love for America and our President. The Liberals are totally downplaying the show of support and are running totally misleading photos as always and of course, triggered Liberals were there to greet the patriots in many places.peppersprayberkeleyTrumpsupporter-400x267.jpg

cct-berktrump-0305-29.jpgIn classic Liberal fashion, they showed up at most of the Spirit of America gatherings in a futile attempt to oppose the Pro-Trump crowd. They simply didn’t have the 10 to 1 odds with angry mobs that they usually like to fight us with. The Liberals quickly took to social media to try and down play the amount of people at the rallies. In the exact same thing they did with Donald Trumps inauguration. Running totally misleading photos like this one:

sadsad.pngWhen in reality you can find plenty of contrary evidence. Some of the most amazingly patriotic photos and videos were taken yesterday on March 5th 2017 and Since 2016, there has been one of the greatest surges in patriotism witnessed in modern American history.

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The Right is finally starting to show itself as a major political and social force. The Liberals created their own false image of leadership and strength and we Conservatives are shattering that false toxic image. They use their control over news media and popular culture to project a sense that they have the right narrative. No, it is actually the Right that has the right message. The Right-Wing is the wing of patriotism, freedom, liberty, but also law and order. The Right-Wing is where real love of fellow Americans takes place over everything. Meanwhile the Left-Wing would sooner take care of illegal immigrants than care of a fellow citizen.

So we must continue to stand up to their fake narratives. Their fake images, their faked hate crimes, their manufactured outrage. Their arrogance must be stood up against. The Liberals are bullies, and bullies hate prey that fights back. So that is what we must continue to do. Democrats_Possessed_By_Trump.jpg

We have already been using our political power, the power of voting, to take over most of the government. The Liberals were out marching in the streets trying to control the social narrative, while we voted in officials to take over the political narrative. trump-o_large.jpg

Now that the Right has taken over political control, we must face the Liberals on their territory now. In the media, in academia, in the frontlines of the culture wars. If we don’t control the cultural narrative as well we are destined to lose. Many people will only ever see one narrative, from satire news like the Daily Show, or sketch comedy like SNL controls many peoples political opinions. 1m-RK_icPOmdpXyi5Wr7pdX2dHD8Tbr6FD_ds0_bfxM.png

Thank God we finally have a President who is not only ready and willing to fight major political battles with us, but also has the strength to take on the cultural establishment as well, which is the last stronghold of the Progressive Liberals. Hollywood and mainstream news is their ‘Alamo’ and right now they are surrounded on all sides and holed up inside of their fort. We must continue to keep them under siege and not let up on them. We must continue to rally in the streets when we can, and we must do everything within our power to counter the mainstream narrative.dasdasda.jpg

That is why I started this blog and we all need to do our part. To put out an alternative narrative for people out there who are tired of indoctrination and brainwashing coming from the Liberal media. The Conservative media, with the exception of FOX news, is grassroots and independent. We are concerned citizens who are worried about the direction our country is headed. That is why we supported Donald Trump for President, to stop the disastrous Liberal policies of the Obama administration that were tearing our economy to pieces. Debt7_24_2016.jpg

Trump has a lot the Right to thank for his victory, we supported him more than anyone and we challenged the Liberals on social media taking back the narrative. Of course not all the Right-Wing was on board, many were upset that a seemingly Liberal like Donald Trump was taking over the Republican party. They hadn’t realized Trump was more of a reformed Conservative. He had seen that the disastrous Liberal policies, especially in government, were bad for business and has renounced many of his former Liberal viewpoints. We must stand with our President to oppose the Progressives.03-03-2017-berkeley-republicans8b410624-bac9-4328-a379-f8068867e59b_w650_r0_sA demonstrator in support of U.S. President Donald Trump holds a stick during a "People 4 Trump" rally in Berkeley, Californiascreen-shot-2017-01-16-at-9-35-50-pm

The Left thinks they are big and bad, when in reality they are small, weak and emotional. We not only have more members on the Right, but are more courageous and realistic than our counterparts. We live in the harsh realities of the real world, while Liberals want to live in fantasy land Marxist utopia. That is why we will win this war as long as we continue to speak up and stand for ourselves, we must stand now and defeat this toxic Liberalism, so that our future offspring will truly know what it means to be free.4475775.jpg

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