The Dangers of Becoming the New Counter-Culture.

dsadYou may have heard recently the phrase that, “Conservatism has become the new Counter-Culture” or something along those lines. I agree with that statement, Conservatives have established a beachhead on many once Liberal strongholds. Through smaller independent outlets like “Louder With Crowder”,”Rebel Media” and Infowars, plus tons of fantastic patriotic youtubers, bloggers, tweeters, Reddit warriors, 4chan trolls, we are slowly taking back the narrative.197a9419e41e23f4dfb4863c084430cf-1050x526.jpg

Everyone did a little extra and pushed hard during 2016, and as a result we have successfully broken through the cultural barrier. More people were woken up to the truly sinister nature of the Progressive Left, so we have taken back a lot of the more cultural elements of politics. This is where the real battle for the heart and soul of America is taking place, in this new underground guerilla culture war being fought all over the internet.

Liberal5.jpgAdmittedly, the Liberals made this pretty easy on us. Once they took control of the government with Obama they became the very government they were pretending to be against. The NSA expanded, debt exploded, poverty increased and America got involved in yet more hostile foreign entanglements. The Liberals were suddenly eating all of their own words as Obama became the new George Bush. Failure after failure, it became very clear Obama was not the messiah as promised by the Left.


Almost all of the mainstream narrative was worshiping Obama. They were quick to denounce all right-wing Obama opposition as racism and bigotry. We thought it was strange Obama had said he was born in Kenya and lived in foreign countries so we wondered about his Birth Certificate. Somehow that became racism. We persisted against this narrative and forced Obama to Photoshop himself a birth certificate. President Trump himself was even at the forefront of forcing the document to be released, a real truth warrior.

dsdasda.jpgSo the Conservatives stood strong, and using alternative media we were able to intellectually oppose to radical Obama regime. Obama used Hollywood and Mainstream Media to push out his Climate Change. We were there exposing every thing he was doing, on twitter, on forums, I have even seen in video game chat boxes in multiplayer games heated political discussions are taking place.

Conservatism has become the New Counter Culture, but there are dangers to becoming the New Counter-Culture. Infiltrators will seek to take over the movement. It always happens. The elites in the current Culture can sense that an opposition is forming against them, and they will try to covertly jump ship at the last minute from the current dying Culture to the new rising Counter-Culture. That is what we are slowly seeing. Thin cracks are forming in the Liberal establishment and more and more will start to jump ship.breitbart-fight-the-liberal-establishment-black-men-s-t-shirt.jpg

President Trump has already proven that he is not messing around and plans on keeping every single promise he made on the campaign trail. As President Trump continues to withstand all these fake accusations, and as he becomes increasingly successful they will have no choice, but to support him. Especially once Trump’s tax plan kicks in, we will fully become the new modern Culture and Liberalism will become the counter-culture, although it will be very very weak and it will be decades before it can recover. Liberals.jpg

More of the prominent and rich Liberals will abandon their movement and become Conservatives, some of them sincerely, but some of them will have sinister plans. They want to control our movement. They want to take control of Conservatism and drive it into the ground so that Liberalism can rise again, we must oppose this at all costs. We can stop them by remaining vigilant by who is within our movement and what are they saying. moore.jpg

I was very proud the Right during the last election, we had good criticisms of both Hillary and Trump. In the end we weighed the options and Trump was obviously the much better choice. I was glad to see the Right strongly criticizing people like Jeb Bush, Mitch McConnel, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and others. We are completely ready to take on anything the Liberals want to his us with right now after they completely exhausted themselves last year. We are fully winning the culture war for the Conservative side.PJW.jpg

However, we still must be ready, they will surely try to take over our movement since it looks like their movement will no longer be able to function properly as a political entity. dsadad.jpgLiberalism is dying, and not because Conservatism killed it. Liberalism killed itself, it overdosed on self-righteousness. Liberalism was like the Titanic, it was supposed to be unsinkable, and millions of Liberals are on board, now the ship is slowly sinking and they don’t have enough life rafts to abandon ship properly. This is a slowly unfolding disaster and we will see many more riots as Liberalism tears itself apart.

I am fully confident in our ability to fight off any take overs of this movement. We are a movement for freedom, anti-Political Correctness, Free-Market, positive trade deals, second amendment rights, and friendly foreign relations. We must continue to support our military and police and keep God alive in our movement. As long we do that, nothing can stop Conservatism.

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