LastWeekTonight Ep. 4 Debunked


Here we are yet again with installment four of my series of “John Oliver Debunked” posts. Already four installments! Wow, what a milestone. I didn’t think I could watch this much John Oliver and still be legally sane. Considering I can’t even take enough time to debunk every single one of his lies, because there are so many, I think we have done pretty good so far, if even just one Oliver fan comes across this blog and decides to start questioning John Oliver and satire politicized media, I will sleep much better at night. Season Four, Episode Four. Let’s go.


Immediately off the bat of course for the fourth episode in a row, not even waiting 60 seconds into the show,  he is whining about President Trump. Oliver has never even spent 5 minutes talking about Hillary Clinton, but has talked about Trump pretty much every episode for the better part of a year now.

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Earlier this week the President had an amazing speech to Congress. His first address to a joint Congress. I wrote about how well received the speech was by Conservative and Liberal media alike. I noted how the Jeff Sessions and Russia fiasco came very soon after, and the Liberal media chose to focus on that to take away any positive reaction Trump was receiving. They want to keep the Trump administration on the defensive, but I think the Democrats are reaching too far and they will soon find themselves on the defensive.

John Oliver starts talking about the speech for like 15 seconds, then immediately pivots to Jeff Sessions. Somehow trying to attack Trump for this, exactly like what the rest of the Liberal media did, this is the same playbook, just more condensed for a dense audience. He starts with the usual Russia allegations. Brings up a clip of Trumps former campaign manager Paul Manafort denying Russian business ties. cz1lqtrw8aafvf0

Of course all of this evidence is extremely weak, John Oliver is literally relying on “guilty faces”,  he doesn’t like the responses that Manafort gave so that means they are guilty. John Oliver doesn’t care at all about educating his audience. He simply wants to push his anti-Trump narrative.

He also brushes on the Obama Wiretap scandal “#ObamaGate”. Of course Oliver is just wants to make Trump seem like he is saying these things without any proof. I think Trump has seen the proof of the FISA request which was granted to spy on him. I don’t think Trump would make these accusations based off of simple media reports without cross referencing it with the classified information he has access to.asdasdawdawfa.png

Oliver decides to switch gears this time with his main story of the night. He wants to talk about the Dalai Lama. Now of course to his credit it isn’t hard to talk about this story and sensationalize it. The Dalai Lama is a surprisingly controversial figure. If you haven’t looked into it, I would suggest you take a few minutes to research what is going on here. It is a part of Communist China’s attack on religion and the oppression of Tibet. red-china-oppression-in-tibet1.jpg

Of course a lot of Liberals used to talk about Tibet, but they went totally silent on the issue during the Obama administration. Obama bowed down(literally) to Communist Chinese, and pushed economic policies that favored China. So the Liberals knew there was nothing to be done about Tibet. Except now that the Republicans are in control again, the Liberals can cry about it again. And I can bet we still won’t hear John Oliver mention Radical Islamic Terrorism this year. He only switched to this Dalai Lama bit to get away from American politics where he is utterly wrong.

They love crying about things so I am sure we will start hearing about lots of old school 60742179.jpgLiberal viewpoints like Save the Whales, or Stop the Wars, stuff they pretend to be against except when they are in control and had to the power to actually stop doing those things. They aren’t interesting in actually fixing things. John Olivers LastWeekTonight, and others like SNL, Daily Show, Seth Meyers, Colbert all have a sinister agenda. To confuse you and mislead you is the plan, to keep you in the dark and to actually prevent you from fixing problems.  They offer no solutions, only division and cheap laughs. To John Olivers credit, his Dalai Lama interview wasn’t the worst ever and I was amused enough to upload to my Youtube Channel.

John Oliver knows he is pushing an agenda, and he doesn’t care. As long as he gets paid and still gets to look righteous, that is all he cares about. That is all any of these virtue signaling Hollywood cucks care about. I wouldn’t mind this news if it was actually funny, but it feels more political than comedic, that is the problem with most “satire news” these days.

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