Obama Wiretaps Trump

sdadwa.pngEvidence that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA court, may have approved a request to spy on Donald Trump and associates during the 2016 campaign set the internet ablaze. Which perfectly explains the recent leaks through the Liberal media aimed at creating a nefarious link between the Trump administration and Russia.


The political discussion zones of the internet are absolutely on fire right now. From Twitter, to Reddit, going from Facebook to 4chan. President Trump, in classic fashion, brought a gallon of gasoline to the campfire and set this story alight. Exposing to the world just one of the criminal aspects of the Obama campaign, totally unwarranted and excessive wiretapping.

A spokesman for the former President Barack Hussein Obama responded with what will probably go down as one of the dumbest tweets in Twitter history:

Of course Twitters Social Truth Warriors promptly destroyed the Spokespersons statement.


It’s entirely true that evidence does exist of Obama himself personally ordering wiretaps. We know that he was on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton, he was doing everything within his power to prevent a Trump presidency.


Was this guy ever right about anything?

This socialist scum, cultural Marxist named Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro. He is a liar, even more so than his predecessor. George W. Bush made the mistake of overly trusting our intelligence agencies and his neocon staff, he was repeating the lies they were telling him because he personally believed them to be true. Barack Obama, however, he knows he is lying and misleading. He knew damn well Obamacare was going to be a disaster. He knew his venture into Libya would destabilize the Mediterranean. He knew damn well Hillary Clinton was using a private email server.hillary-obama-lies-emails.jpg

Obama knew leaving Iraq the way we did would create a power vacuum that would give rise to the most violent terrorist organization in history, ISIS. Obama had military policies that lead to weapons being shipped to terrorist organizations in the name of regime change Barack Obama armed drug cartels with incredibly powerful, lethal weapons and ammunition. He emboldened China, Iran, and Russia militarily. barack-obama-nsa.jpg

It’s not a stretch of my imagination to rightly assume he would do something like wiretapping a Presidential candidate that was threatening to destroy his legacy.ExecutiveAction.jpg

We haven’t had a separate four year terms of Bush Sr., eight years Clinton, eight years of Bush Jr., and eight years of Obama. We have had twenty-eight consecutive years of corruption, tyranny.We are just now finally trying to take our country back with the election of total DC outsider Trump. 2870735e29fd1fcce1a3c58da70e6c6bfc0b53dc3e445617c533b2a8089641eb_1.jpg


The establishment is NOT happy, and will go to any lengths to obstruct Trump. Even turning our own “intelligence” agencies against us. Trump is now doing battle with the small elements within the NSA, FBI, CIA and rogue Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain that choose to serve the Washington DC instead of the American People.

But, not all the “Intelligence Agencies” are bad people, in fact, a lot of them are very hardworking Americans that work day and night to keep every day Americans safe at home and abroad. There is an ideological struggle taking place, between some neo-marxist Liberals appointed by Obama and some more Conservative patriotic factions, within our own government.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the Liberal media responding to the wiretap allegations:




The ”Snopes” article to me is the most disgusting one. Snopes prides itself on being a “fact-checking” website. Yet it is running a purely speculative article that does no “fact checking” what so ever, Snopes is interested in pushing a political agenda, not finding the truth. It is incredibly sad that many Liberals refer to Snopes as some type of irrefutable proof, “If Snopes said it, it is definitely true” is their mentality. Right underneath the slanderous article was this little gem: dsadasdas.pngsnopes-lies-get-off-the-bs.jpg

Just accuse everyone you disagree with of working with Russia, that is the main mentality coming from the Progressive Left right now. 4470876.jpg

President Trump is right. This is a neo-McCarthyism, which we should actually start calling by another term. Well, actually I guess we already have a term for this type of childish behavior, it’s just modern Liberalism. This is all being done in the name of stopping Russia.

From doing what exactly? Well they can’t necessarily explain that part. They either are working personally with Trump, directly in control of Trump, indirectly helping Trump, or coincidentally helping Trump. They either hacked the voting machines, or hacked Podestas emails, and they either control wikileaks or gave the data to wikileaks directly, or indirectly.


When you get down to the bottom of the whole Russia conspiracy there is no real foundation to support any of these claims. It’s all hysteria nothing more. This was a psychosis developed by the Liberals to explain away the loss of Hillary Clinton. Rather than admit the New York Times, CNN, Huffington Post and others put out totally faked polls. Created fake opinions, fake stories, fake news. Faked hate crimes trying to blame Trump supporters. The Liberals cannot simply realize and admit they were lied to by a fully discredited media, instead they invent outrageous claims of Russian intervention.


They have been trying to demonize Russia for a long time now. I have been seeing documentaries and articles saying that Putin hates Gay people for years now. Saying he silences Free-Speech and opposition, and that he is a tyrant. I am not saying any of that isn’t true, but with so many of our own problems inside the United States, should we really be that concerned right now with what Russia does within it’s own sphere of influence? Why were there more documentaries and articles from Liberals about Putin than there were about Obama?

Vladimir Putin

“Shhhh, don’t tell the Liberals I have no control over US elections. Nothing more entertaining than a Liberal meltdown!”

I have already written before about how we will get much further in negotiation and peaceful competition with Russia than we ever will militarily. We are no longer dealing with the Soviet Union here, there is nothing valuable to gain in a war with modern Russia. We must support Trump trying to mend and forge relationships with Russia.


Yet again, the ultimate thing to consider here. Timing. Just a day after Sessions totally rebuffed the attack on him, by recusing himself from any investigations into Russia-Trump ties. The attack on Sessions failed. The Liberals don’t want to lose the Russian conspiracy narrative so we may be seeing a onslaught of attempts to connect Trump and Putin by the Liberal media to whip their supporters into a frenzy.

We must do everything we can right now to stand up to and oppose their narrative and counter these accusations they are throwing at us. Especially when, in fact, it is people like Obama that are the real criminals, not President Trump.

Even though he and his staff were(and probably still are) under surveillance and all of their backgrounds and histories were completely and thoroughly investigated, they came up clean. They have no strong evidence against President Trump and are desperately grabbing at straws, that should be our main take away from all this.20161119_LDD001_0.jpg


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