The Attack on Sen. Jeff Sessions


After going after General Michael Flynn with accusations of some type of collusion with Russia, the Progressives now have Senator Jeff Sessions in their sights. Well, they have had Sessions in their crosshairs for quite some time now. The Washington Compost has released the latest smear attempt on Trump and his staff. With insanely wild and inaccurate accusations of racism and white supremacy, the go-to political attacks of the modern Left. When those slanderous attacks failed, they had to switch to their last resort attack, Russia. It worked with General Flynn, but will it work this time?


I pray to God that Senator Jeff Sessions stands his ground against these attacks. Judging his character, I think he will. This could end up being a massive backfire for the Left. They know they’re taking a massive risk by accusing yet another person of conspiring with Russia so soon after they just recently did this to General Flynn.jeff-sessions-quotes-48366.png

If this attack doesn’t work on Sessions, and I don’t think it will ever work on anyone ever again and they will completely lose grasp of the whole “Putin-Trump” conspiracy they are peddling. Which I think if they wanted to create a good Russia conspiracy angle they should have let it simmer a little longer after they were able to successfully use it against Flynn.4470876.jpg

Of course, as greedy as the Left is, they jumped the gun and think they can win twice with the same hand. If Senator Sessions stands his ground and fights these accusations, I think he can totally and utterly embarrass the Left, further weakening their credibility. From looking at his record, I think the Democrats have seriously gone after the wrong person this time.4470879.jpg

They are taking this huge risk doing this and they know that. For what reason? Protecting Hillary Clinton and the DNC establishment. Senator Sessions is their absolute nightmare, he will go after Hillary and the Clinton Foundation once and for all, but he won’t stop there. I think he will go much further, break up the DNC pedophile rings, organized crime rings and go after the illegal immigrants being used as a voting bloc for the Left, among many other things that will hurt the corrupt Democratic party.we-know-that-a-ready-amnesty-tends-to-be-an-invitation-to-more-illegal-entries-quote-1

The timing here is the absolutely most suspicious thing ever. This is coming a day after President Trumps AMAZING first address to Congress. In which even the Liberal media had praised President Trump.

This is just a distraction to pull from the positive response to President Trumps speech.  The Left have absolutely no shame, and they do not want to see a strong America. For the past 8 years they have done everything in their power to weaken America, in the process they lost control of nearly every part of the Government and now they are getting desperate. The Democratic Party is becoming a wounded cornered animal, weak, but still dangerous.

We have a unique opportunity here, because the Left has launched an attack that can very easily be countered if we stand our ground. They are reaching so far for a smear on this one it’s becoming blatantly obvious they are running out of material to try to stop Trump. There is absolute nothing wrong with US government officials being in contact with Russian officials.

We must pray for Senator Jeff Sessions to give him the strength to stand up to these wild accusations and put to rest the effort of the Deep State to continue its renewed Cold War with Russia.




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