President Trumps First Speech to Congress, A Historical Shift.

Made this video for my favorite part.

Donald J. Trump just delivered his first address to Congress as President of the United States of America. If you have read this blog before, or seen my twitter profile, it probably doesn’t surprise you that I think this speech was one of Donald Trumps best speeches of all time, and just a first of many great speeches as our President. 4469255

He touched on many key notes from his campaign promises and the current problems America faces. He didn’t back away from any old positions and actually stood his ground on the wall, and radical Islamic terrorism. People are starting to see that Donald Trump doesn’t just say what he is going to do, he actually does what he said he would do.

I could sit for hours and compile all the lies of the Obama administration, all the failed promises. I might one day, but it would probably take a good week or two to properly research just about every promise made by people like Barack Obama or George W Bush.ilkbbkbisis-in-iraq-have-saddam-husseins-wmd-was-george-w-bush-right-to-fear-terrorist-attack-in-america

The American people only had three different men lead the country in 24 years. For many people, especially millennials, all we know is the corruption, lying, stagnant economy and seemingly endless military conflicts. Which is why Donal Trump was elected in the first place. He is a completely outside choice to Washington DC. We the people finally voted for real change not the fake change promised by the Democrats in 2008.

Most surprisingly a decent amount of the Liberal media even gave President Trump some credit:trump22trump222trump2222

Of course still a lot of the more radical Liberals still found fault with President Trumps speech. trump22222


These people literally get sick at the sight and sound of our President.

And the Liberal media still carries most of the blame for this. They whipped up the Liberals into such a frenzy that even if they try to compliment the President now they will simply be attacked by their own fans. This is why I know the Liberal movement is dying, it is tearing itself apart with this extremism.

Overall, this was a BRILLIANT speech. It touched on every single note Trump needed to touch on. He preached unity while remaining steadfast on all of his main issues. I think this is a very positive sign for his Presidency. Yet still he will always have to encounter the neo-Liberal psychopaths that threaten our very way of life. We can only gain hope in the fact that more and more people are joining the Trump movement every single day, and after his first Presidential Address, I see no reason why our numbers won’t continue to grow.DJT.jpg

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