John Oliver Lies Again.


Wtf am I watching?

Season Four, Episode Three of “LastWeekTonight with John Oliver” just aired and I am still trying to replace lost IQ points as I write this. Yet again it is another episode filled with inconsistencies, half truths and outright lies. As well I have noticed a distinct lack of genuine comedy in these episodes. I had a slight chuckle at one of the jokes, most of it is terribly lame metaphors and the whole thing feels more like political propaganda than a genuine satire news show. So I hope you brought some rubber gloves to sort through this BS with me because I am not sharing mine with you, damn socialists.

John Oliver starts the show with of course, none other than President Donald Trump. He starts off by totally dismissing President Trumps visit to the new African-American history exhibit to instead talk about how Trump may be terrifying illegal immigrants. Which I think is a fantastic thing, if you are here illegally, and especially if you are a criminal, be prepared to be deported at any moment. I would assume that would be common sense for any rational human being. If you go somewhere you aren’t authorized to be it’s only fair that you can be removed from the area in order to protect the current inhabitants.screen-shot-2015-07-12-at-4-59-36-pm-640x419

Oliver than plays a clip of Trump explaining his new legislative changes to immigration. Trump calls the deportation campaign like a “military operation”. John Oliver, CNN, and plenty of Libtards think this actually means sending the military to deport people. Trump was comparing the effectiveness, coordination, and determination of the deportation campaign to a military operation. The only people confused by Trumps wording are the Liberal media. 3d8f3fb1f0967b7bfe54c7359147255b.jpg

Now John moves on to attack Trump again with another vicious slander. He says that President Trump is now ‘targeting kids for harassment’ for removing the Federal guidance on Transgender bathrooms. John then proceeds to make his biggest lie of the night, saying there is no evidence of men entering womens restrooms to harass them.  dsvfsdfsaasasajhjh

He then sources “BuzzfeedNews”. I am not kidding, John Oliver rails against FOX news, but reads Buzzfeed, which explains his toilet humor. He mostly sources, CNN, The New York Times, Buzzfeed and Politico. He plays an old clip of Trump on Howard Stern in 2005, where Trump says that he would go back stage sometimes to ‘inspect’ the pageant and see some nude ladies. Which I assume is a regular part of that type of an industry, it is all about the body after all. John thinks this somehow justifies broad Transgender bathroom laws that harm society. raSq10W.jpg

However, John’s main topic of the night is Obamacare. Although I have a feeling he will be bashing Trump this entire season. Hopefully it’s a short ten episodes. Wait, what? A regular season of John Oliver is how many episodes?!? Dear God no. Oh well, I better be ready to be super annoyed every Sunday night when this garbage show airs.CP-Obamacare-in-Pictures-11_HIGHRES.jpg

I can’t even believe he is defending Obamacare of all things. To his credit, he very slightly brushes on the disaster of the site, he doesn’t explain to his viewers how massive of a failure actually was. healthcare-gov-down.jpg

fdsf.png was a massive disaster, and right away highlighted the overall falures of the Obama regime. They were mired in corruption and stagnation. It seemed anything Obama wanted to do ended in disaster, and it seemed ok for them because they could always just blame the Republicans.


Another one of Johns massive half truths to be used for a cheap political point. He brings up the peculiar case of baby Alex. In 2009 a health insurance company reportedly denied health care coverage to 4-month old baby Alex, on the grounds that he was over-weight. John Oliver uses this case as an example to say that we needed Obamacare. I agree it is a seemingly sad case.

But let’s look a little closer. Baby Alex happened to be overweight for his height and age. The rigid insurance agent, just doing her job, assessed the baby was a risk for the insurance company and denied the health coverage. However, once the upper management had heard about what happened, the insurance company did an immediate change. Only a few months later baby Alex and his parents were approved for the healthcare plan. Without government intervention, a private company, decided on it’s own in the interest of customer satisfaction changed their decision. Obamacare was never needed for this.

John Oliver also attacked the “Death Panels” concerns of Republicans. While it’s true the ACA removed the “Death Panel” language from the main legislation, it was only until after Sarah Palin made it international news that they decided to remove the Death Panels from the ACA, however, through Medicaid, the Death Panels are back. asdadsa.png


It’s true the number of uninsured people did decline in the United States due to the Affordable Care act. Only because the fear of Federal fines and punishment are forcing people to get insurance. After Obama promised healthcare coverage for all, more than 30 million Americans still remain uninsured. Obamacare is a disastrous law, it was finalized at over 11,000,000 words, twenty thousand pages long. There is absolutely no defending Obamacare for any sane rational person. John Oliver, shame on you.

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