John Oliver Debunked…Again


This man is the human equivalent of a meatless soy hot dog.

Oh, John. John, John, John. Why? Why are you doing this? Who hurt you as a child? What made you this way? I am genuinely curious if you were either brutally beaten as a child, or spoiled rotten and never touched. I can’t tell which, all I know is that something is terribly wrong with you. Looking at your face genuinely gives me immediate crippling depression. How you acquired your platform, which Deity you made a blood sacrifice to, I may never know.

I do know one thing however, I am actually starting to enjoy debunking your lies. As a former fan of yours, hopefully, I can encourage others to avoid slipping into televisions darkest, coldest and loneliest sewer pit of lies, “Last Week Tonight with Cuck Oliver”. I mean John Oliver, sorry. Season 4: Episode 2, the British autistic parrot squawks again, lets get started folks.

Within the first :55 seconds of the episode, John Oliver says the phrase “F**kable Clown” and says President Trump dominates the news cycle the way a fart smell dominates the interior of a car. Which speaks volumes to the IQ level of his intended audience. Also I am not sure why Oliver feels the need to drop F bombs every 10 seconds. Normally I wouldn’t care, especially since he’s on HBO, but clips of him are all over YouTube with no mature ratings on it, so children could be regularly exposed to John Oliver on the internet. Which most likely explains the increase in children being diagnosed with autism. I joke of course, but seriously satire news like “Last Week Tonight” is trash.

John’s first topic of discussion on his show? Well it’s of course none other than the Master of Triggeraster, our very own President Trump. What nice compliments will Oliver heap upon our President today? Perhaps a compliment on Trump’s incredibly positive meeting with Israel? Maybe John could compliment how nice Trump and his grand children looked walking to board the Presidential Helicopter. So John what will it be?


Uh-oh, John is making his ‘That’s the biggest penis Ive ever seen my wife take’ face. Get ready! he’s so excited! I think he’s got President Trump this time!

Sweden… President Trump made a comment directed towards what is taking place in Sweden. President Trump said: “They’re taking in record numbers of refugees” and he was implying that they were having an increase in crime. He wasn’t speaking to any specific terrorist attack that was going on. So what is bad about that? After all, Sweden IS the “rape capital” of Europe. 932.jpg


It seems that John Oliver, and many many other Lib media outlets, decided to run with this narrative that the President was referring to a specific attack that took place Friday night in Sweden. What Trump was actually referring to was that on Friday night he watched a report on FOX news about how an increase in immigration seems to coincide with an increase in crime in Sweden. Swedish officials vehemently deny any type of rise in crime. Vox published the following story


Now at least to the credit of Vox, they at least understood that the President was NOT referring to one specific terrorist attack that took place Friday night. He was speaking about a broader crime problem that had came from the massive in take of refugees over a very short period of time in Sweden. Last year America saw it’s largest intake of Muslim migrants at near 40,000, but Sweden has been taking in a whopping 100,000 thousand mostly Muslim refugees every year since 2006.Immigrant increase.png

But Vox also runs a very suspicious graph, that was also echoed on the Young Turds.


This graph is supposed to indicate crime rates for specific crimes. Notice a virtually flat, steady rate. This is “proof” that there is no evidence to suggest the massive increase in immigrants also coincides with a spike in crime.

When you click on the link for the source of this “crime graph”, and scroll to the bottom of the page you find a very interesting paragraph.


Only 12,400 people responded to the survey, primarily by phone and the internet.

Now. Sweden has a population of 9.8 million people and growing. So only about 0.12% of the population actually responded to this “crime survey”, of which there isn’t any proof that all the people who responded were even in Sweden. It’s interesting that on the Vox article, no where is the graph that shows rape percentages in Sweden higher than even countries like Indonesia to be found on the Vox article. Is the United Nations not a good enough source for you Vox? Oh yeah, when the data doesn’t fit your narrative it is conveniently left out, but at the rate Sweden is headed, it won’t have any actual Swedish people left.


Sweden now takes in more immigrants than Swedish citizens being born.

Of course as we knew would happen, Trump was completely vindicated with the recent riots in Sweden.


In what is perhaps their most slanderous and malicious video to date, The Young Turks sunk to absolute new lows. They were saying that Sweden was completely safe, until President Trump started talking about them and no I am not joking.tytgarb

This is how low the Liberal media is willing to sink. It is actually quite frightening, the avoidance of logic by the Left is astounding and I am sure scientists could sit and study Liberals in their natural habitats for weeks and still not figure them out.

But getting back to the man of the hour, John Oliver, I am still not done with you. Wait what? Trump wasn’t your main story? Well what else could you possibly have to complain about?


It just isn’t a full Libtard meltdown these days without a paranoid rant that has frequent mentions of Russia and Putin. That is what we got tonight. This is gonna be a bumpy ride folks. So strap-on yourselves on and lets go forward.


Wow. I really don’t know what to say. John Oliver actually brings up the totally phony Russia “dossier” that was released by none other that Buzzfeed. This disgusting propaganda was immediately proven false by virtually every news outlet, including a lot of Liberal media recognized the Trump dossier as a complete fabrication. Especially after a frequent 4chan user had come forward as the creator of the dossier. It was apparently some type of creepy erotic fan fiction, which if you are familiar with 4chan you know that is perhaps one of the more normal things that takes place on that site.Cuck.pngOliver’s main suspicion why is he being nicer to Putin than to Meryl Streep? What a cuck. Oliver, you should be asking why is a lady that basically pretends for a living, trying to get involved in politics? Why are any celebrities giving their opinions on politics? These people are not to be trusted. Absolutely no one should be getting important world viewpoints from an actor just because they liked their performance in a movie or show. It’s absurd, yet we continually see this from Leftists, getting world opinions from vapid celebrities.

Putin2.pngJohn sets his sights on Russia’s popular leader. Vladimir Putin. He makes an accusation that Putin has faked his photos. Putin once went diving in the area of some ancient ruins and surfaced with some of the jars. Oliver calls the photo “bullsh*t”. Ok good John, now tell me why you think the photos are fake? Nope, no explanation for his accusations he just completely moves on without trying to justify his wild accusations with any type of proof. His simple audience absolutely eats it up.

He spends the remainder of the show trying to imply that Trump is somehow doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin. He pointed to when Trump said the election would be rigged and showed a clip of Putin and RT television saying the US elections could be rigged. Using an association thinner than John Olivers wit, he somehow tries to connect Trump and Putin as working together in secret because they have said similar things in separate speeches.

Because Trump is constantly saying we should be friends with Russia not enemies, John Oliver thinks that means Trump works for Putin. I thought you were better than that John? Wait, actually no I didn’t think you were better than that, in fact I think the worse John Oliver still lies in the weeks to come. This episode was seriously unfunny, dry, and boring. I look forward to the next one!Trump.jpg


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