In Defense of Milo..


Ummmmm, ok?

OK so, well, I need to start this one off with a virtue signal or two. I am 1000% against pedophilia and I believe more needs to be done to prevent it. It is perhaps the worst crime imaginable. I am in favor of expanding the Law Enforcement that is necessary to help arrest and punish pedophiles.  I have spoken how the Left use vicious accusations, labels and buzzwords to slander and destroy people.


Yet when Liberals say things like this they are totally silent on the issue of pedophilia.

I agree with and respect America’s eighteen years and older consent laws and more needs to be done about child sex trafficking in the world and I believe there is some deep truth behind the #Pizzagate rumors. Now the Liberal media and a lot of Conservative outlets as well are tearing into the perpetually controversial, yet seemingly indestructible, Milo Yiannopolous. A video surfaced of Milo speaking about sexual relationships between younger and much older men. He has so far been uninvited from speaking at CPAC, he lost a reportedly $250,000 book deal and the Liberals are having a field day. So was Milo Yiannopolous really “advocating Pedophilia”?

First of all the videos are over a year old, Milo speaks about the subject around the 1 hour mark for about 7 minutes. It gets completely taken out of context and edited down to where you don’t hear the numerous times Milo says he does not advocate pedophilia. Milo was speaking during that livestream for over 2 hours and they are giving us a 5 minute clip of him. When you watch the entire video, you almost don’t even notice him saying that because he was there for long speaking about dozens of topics. It’s strange that in hearing and watching hundreds of different Milo events I have never heard him bring up this subject. It clearly is not something he talks about regularly. Also very important I think to note that he was specifically talking about homosexual and lesbian relationships. Which are  very different from straight relationships, so much so that literally a different set of laws applies.

Also remember Milo is from Europe. Europe is much different from America. Europe has a certain affectation that America lacks. It’s hard to believe, but in the United Kingdom in the year 2000 the age of consent was actually lowered from 18 to 16 for homosexual relationships. In Nevada the age of consent for a relationship between two men is 16 years old compared to 18 years old for a straight relationship.


I am not entirely sure why these differences exist, but its important to note than when talking about issues within the gay community it’s going to be shocking and different and I praise Milo for sharing some of the viewpoints, mentalities and justifications that people make for entering these types of relationships so that we can better understand and prevent them in the future. Only by understanding pedophilia can we end pedophilia.


It took Spain all the way until 2009 to decide to raise it’s age of consent from 13 to just 16 years old.

The videos were publicized by a Cuckservative outlet called “The Reagan Batallion”. These people are the #NeverTrump crowd. These people worship John McCain and Lindsey Graham and are probably still upset Trump destroyed Jeb Bush’s candidacy. Lets look for a a second at a few other tweets they have sent out recently.


Anyone reading Drudge doesn’t have Conservative values? Really?!


Attacking staunch Trump supporters as non-Conservatives.


Trying to purposely create a divide within the Trump movement.


These people call themselves True Conservatives, but rush to praise the media that demonizes Conservatives.


They are clearly upset that the will of the people upset the will of the Establishment.


“Wanna be a true Conservative? Pre-Order our book The Vision of the Soul!” LOL

The “Reagan Battalion” is doing the work of the Liberal media. The timing is very strange with everything that has been happening to try to undermine the Trump Presidency. Liberal outlets are jumping at the chance to connect this is any way they can to Trump, even though the President has nothing whatsoever to do with Milo. Milo just happens to be a supporter of Trump.


You find yourself in agreement with Shaun King and you call yourselves “True Conservatives”


This man openly admits he wants to coup America because Trump is President. No “True Conservative” would ever agree with this moron.


When the Liberal media is ecstatic about your story, perhaps you can’t call yourselves “True Conservatives”

Why Milo ever even agreed to speak at CPAC is beyond me. They had Glenn Beck as their keynote speaker last year. He is the definition of a cuck. Glenn stayed firmly #NeverTrump even to this day. Trying to go on every Conservative outlet mustering fake tears in strikingly pathetic attempts to sway voters away from Trump and towards Hillary. We need to be careful at these attempts by shills to separate and divide us. This is their strategy for the next few years. To increasingly keep making scandal after scandal, chipping away at Trumps supporters.


Now I am not saying Milo is a Conservative. He has called himself a Conservative speaker many times but recently he was on Bill Maher and backed away from the label. Which I think was a big mistake on his part and I did lose a little respect for him. But he is a very popular figure and he was gaining a massive platform with his recent appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher and his book set to release at number one on Amazon easily headed for a top-ten. That is what makes me the most suspect of all of this, the timing.


The Liberal media and alot of Conservatives are more upset about Milos comments a year ago than the Berkeley rioters from just a few weeks ago. Who is more dangerous? I don’t agree with everything Milo says, but he’s a lot less scary than those rioting Liberals in the street. I think he did alot for the Trump movement and he has a look and personality that helps appeal to some intelligent Liberals helping them move away from Liberalism toward Conservatism. It would have been nice to have such a vocal Trump supporter on such a massive international platform.


It’s incredibly hypocritical as usual of the Left to even attempt to demonize Milo. If he truly was a pedophile they would be hailing him as a hero like they did with these guys:



The Left are truly the wing of Pedophilia and they have infiltrated the Right through outlets like “The Reagan Battalion”

In the end I don’t think this will hurt Milo very much. He has survived worse like his Twitter ban and come out more on top. If Conservatives try to go to war with him it wont be an easy fight, we would be better off having him on our side even if we disagree with some of his politics and statements. We need to be the champions of Free Speech now more than ever, it’s our greatest strength over the Left.  More importantly, we need to stay united and support anyone that supports our President, not provocateur Cuckservatives like John McCain and ”The Reagan Battalion”.


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