Liberal Civil War: The End of Classical Liberalism.


The term Classical Liberal is thrown around a lot these days by people who still consider themselves Liberals, but don’t identify with much of the modern Liberal-Progressive movement. These are Liberals that believe in allowing Conservatives to speak freely without physically attacking them. The types of Liberals that can politely listen to a Conservative viewpoint without getting triggered. Liberals that support our police and military. Liberals that actually believe in America and our Constitution. Liberals that want a smaller government and a more limited approach to foreign affairs. Liberals that understand the dangers of radical ideologies like socialism and communism. These types of Liberals usually consider themselves Classical Liberals. To those Classical Liberals I say, you are no longer  Liberals.

You have been forced out of the Left. Because the modern Liberal movement has shifted so far to the Left that a massive divide has formed within the movement itself. Many Classical Liberals feel abandoned, forgotten and left behind. Many are actually identifying as more Conservative now, however, many are still afraid to say they identify as right-wing or Conservative. I considered myself a Liberal once. Because I was against a lot of the neo-con agenda during the Bush era. The wars and conflicts, the massive government expansion and outrageous Federal spending.


I will admit I also watched alot of satire news. I was a Daily Show fan, although I also watched Infowars news as well. When Infowars went against Obama, I bought into the BS that anyone against Obama was a racist. Obama was running as a counter to the neo-con agenda. He promised no war, a better economy and affordable healthcare, some stuff I agreed with at the time. Then Obama destroyed Libya, doubled the National Debt and practically ruined our healthcare system among numerous scandals. Liberals were silent. They were still blaming Bush for everything, it was so pathetic. They called Bush a tyrant, but wanted Obama to literally be able to control the climate of the Earth. Everything they pretended to be against, raising the debts, waging wars, overbearing government, they were actually fine with as long as they were doing it, hypocrites. The good news is that, thanks to the internet, millions of people have woken up from the spell of Liberalism.


People now see that Conservatism embraces many of the values of Classical Liberalism like limited government, Free-Speech, Self-Determination, Individualism etc. Classical Liberals in the near future will be coming under increasing pressure to politically realign themselves as either Modern Liberals or Conservatives as the Democratic Party shifts to become much more Liberal than ever before. As the narrow minded “you’re with us or against us” mentality is being deployed by the Liberals they will viciously destroy Classical Liberals for daring to agree with President Trump.

Lucinich 2.png



Man slanders Mr. Kucinich for daring to compliment the President. Even though Kucinich was nice enough to take time out of his busy day to have dinner with this douche.


Just look at Dennis Kucinich, a former US Representative in Ohio, a man who I greatly admire and respect. One of the few Democrats that gives me some sense of hope for the Left. Even he will come under vicious verbal assaults for daring to compliment President Trump on Twitter. Even though Kucinich is also critical of Trumps policies he is also level-headed enough to compliment President Trump when appropriate as any rational person should and the reaction by most Liberals is disgusting. They call him a Russian agent, a traitor, they denounce him. They viciously assault anyone daring to agree, not just with our President, but with any Right-Leaning Conservative. Because they need to create a divide in order to exploit weakness. That is what modern Liberals do, they exploit weakness. The Liberals will fully take over the Democratic Party and soon Moderate or Conservative Democrats will no longer be accepted by their own party for daring to challenge mainstream viewpoints. A choice must be made soon.


Give the Right a chance. We aren’t a bunch of racist xenophobes as the Left constantly claims. We aren’t Nazis, we aren’t warmongers, we aren’t bigots, we aren’t any of the other guilt-trip labels thrown at us. We are simply advocating a more conservative approach to things. On the topic of government, most Conservatives agree it needs to be massively reduced in size. On the topic of the Military and Law Enforcement most Conservatives agree everything must be done to ensure the safety and security of our service men and women. On the economy most Conservatives agree taxes need to be massively reduced across the board on everyone. We believe The Constitution must be preserved above all, as it specifically outlines that our rights as American citizens are supposed to be inalienable and endowed to us by our creator.



Last year, it became clear that the Conservative movement is more vibrant, more diverse, and ready to face the challenges of this new century than ever before. We have Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Gays, Trans and many many other different types of people from all walks of life. Conservatism has transformed in the public eye. The Progressives were exposed as the regressive party. They endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement, a very politically and socially divisive movement. The Progressives practically endorsed a form of domestic terrorism. Under the guise of fighting oppression, the Left unleashed hordes of Social Justice Warriors into society and a vicious media trying to control the very way you think.


The problems with Liberalism in the modern day are so great that it has become a parody of itself. From the modern feminazis, to the Black Lives Matter terrorists. From #GamerGate to Climate Change nonsense they become further discredited. Liberalism is dying, it mortally wounded itself in 2016, it’s a sinking ship. The Young Turks, Occupy Democrats, The Daily Show, Real Time, Last Week Tonight, CNN and MSNBC are discredited more and more every single day. As logic becomes second to emotion, the modern Left continually makes itself look more and more outrageous and over the top. So I ask all people who consider themselves Classical Liberals, to please look at the world. Truly look at Conservatism and give it a chance. You don’t have to agree with 100% of Conservatism, you just have to agree that the modern Liberals have gone completely off the rails.


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