USA-Russia Alliance is More Important Than Ever Before.


Russia hacked the election and Donald Trump is pregnant with Vladimir Putins baby! Or at least that is the type of hysteria coming from the Left. In their minds there was no possible way crooked Hillary could have lost the election.

They were assured by The New York Times and others that she was an 85% favorite to win, pretty much a guarantee and they were told not to worry at all about Trump, so in their minds it must have been a rigged election.

Then we had James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, come out and say that Russia was involved in cyber-espionage and propaganda attacks. An intelligence briefing released by the office of the Director of National Intelligence was supposed to be definitive proof that the US government believed Russia was behind the hacking of the now infamous DNC emails.

This triggered the living daylights out of the radical Liberals and sent them into an absolute frenzy as it seemed to confirm their fears about Trump and Putin.

74136064Their accusations seemed to be confirmed earlier this week when General Flynn, former National Security Adviser, was forced to resign from the Trump cabinet.

General Flynn was accused of some type of collusion with Russian agencies for denying that he had spoken about sanctions placed by the Obama Administration on Russia. Flynn’s mistake was denying that he had spoken about the sanctions at all, not that he had talked about the sanctions.

Although I do personally believe General Flynn lied because he knew the hysterical Left was waiting for something like this to happen. Because almost immediately, the “Russian hacking” accusations came back with a vengeance.

I do think he made the situation much worse by lying, which makes the Trump Administration look guilty by association. President Trump immediately asking for the Generals resignation was a strong sign, in my opinion, of President Trumps ‘zero-tolerance’ for dishonesty in his cabinet, but alas it was too late.

The damage has already been done and CNN, Washington Post and other Fake News outlets are having a field day. They finally won something. One Liberal artist was triggered to the point they actually animated a naked Putin caressing a pregnant Trump, which confirms my long held belief that for some people, autism is a choice.


#LoveThroughHate? So those baseball bats to the heads of Trump supporters are just like Liberal kisses?

Now there is a deluge of anti-Russian sentiment coming from the Left and even a lot from the establishment Right as well. I bet the Liberals never thought they would agree with the likes of the CIA, Lindsey Graham or John McCain.

Yet here they are, all basically advocating an open war with Russia over Hillary Clinton’s loss. Remember, they were all prepared to vote for Hillary, who was absolutely not shy about saying she would create a ‘No-Fly Zone’ over Syria. Which would have brought the United States into a direct military confrontation with Russia. This of course would be good for absolute nobody besides the Military Industrial Complex.

The average American has nothing to gain and everything to lose if we start a war with Russia right now. Part of why Obama failed in Syria is because geopolitically, the power in the region changed. It went from the US government and her allies ganging up on Syria to Russia, Iran and Hezbollah(with the blessing of China and India) turning the tide and giving Assad the political power he needed.

It’s been six years and Assad is not only still alive, but fully in control of his nation. Despite being on the Obama hit list, but after seeing how they treated Qaddafi, Assad knew who he needed to turn to.


The only reason Assad still remains in power is because of one factor, Russia. Russia can only stand up to the United States of America because of one thing, nuclear weapons. Russia knows this.

That is why it continually maintains a much stronger stockpile of nuclear weapons than the United States does. Even though America invented the atomic bomb, Russia has made it a top priority of theirs to maintain a stronger nuclear arsenal than any other country in the world.

In 2016 Russia had an estimated 7,000 nukes compared to 6,800 American nukes. Of it’s 7,000 nukes, Russia maintains 329 more deployed nukes than the US. Russia has 500 more stockpiled nukes than the US does, with fewer nuclear weapons waiting for dismantling.

In all, Russia maintains a much stronger nuclear weapons stockpile than the US. Our only advantage over the Russkies is that we have more platforms capable of delivering the payload.


So where does the United States have a strong advantage? Well for starters America has the largest, most powerful economy in the world and America is home to some of the most innovative military technology in the world.

Manufacturing and innovating new weapons is one the few booming industries America maintains anymore. The United States has a population more than double that of Russia. Which gives the United States a strategic edge in terms of manpower.

The Russians can mobilize an estimated 70 million personnel while the United States can muster near 150 million personnel, more than double. In terms of numbers of tanks, Russia has nearly twice as many, but the main battle tank of the Americans is far more technologically superior on the battlefield in terms of reliability, accuracy, and firepower. ed3b967159ca1e0c4602a4eabaa9440f

Americas greatest advantage however, lies in the sea and air. The United States possesses a whopping ten thousand more combat planes than Russia has and almost twice as many attack helicopters.

However, Russia knows it is weaker than the USA in the air which is why it has developed the incredibly lethal SB-400 anti-aircraft missile system. Which is said to be able to accurately lock onto objects as small as a soccer ball from over 250 miles away. Moscow recently deployed this weapons system around the Moscow vicinity in what looks like anticipation of an air strike in mid-January 2017.

In the sea, the US has 19 high-tech aircraft carriers compared to just 1 Russian aircraft carrier. However, yet again the Russians have anticipated their own weaknesses and have developed missiles and torpedoes to be loaded onto fast moving cost-effective corvettes in hopes of sinking a high value target.


Where one nation possesses a strength, the other finds a counter. The cooperation between our two great nations helped destroy Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, we have proven we can do amazing things when we work together.

Yet we became bitter enemies immediately following our great triumph. After the Soviet Union collapsed, there weren’t supposed to any nations left to seriously oppose us. The United States needed to tie up loose ends with the radical Muslims it had armed to take down the Soviets.

It wasn’t very concerned with Russia anymore and started plunging into endeavors in the Middle East.


Meanwhile, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, Russia had risen from the ashes of the Soviet Union, perhaps stronger than ever. The US however was a little weaker compared to Cold War levels and not as prepared for such a serious threat.

The US had gotten bogged down in quagmires in Afghanistan and Iraq, the National Debt began to inflate to untold heights and a massive Wall Street collapse in 2008 was the last thing we needed.

President Obama came in on massive expectations of world peace and a much improved US economy. Instead he further weakened our standing abroad with terrible incidents like the disastrous intervention in Syria and Libya, creating a refugee crisis that will last for decades.


September 2015. Russia gets militarily involved in Syria to destroy the ‘rebels’ Obama had been arming in a failed bid to oppose the leader, Bashar Al-Assad. Obama could not respond militarily without creating a larger conflict. He had been checkmated by Putin and the power in the world had fundamentally shifted forever.

Now we have a new opportunity presented, and little choice outside of war, we can instead become friends with Russia. We need to be friends with Russia for the sake of true world peace. Instead of looking at 7,000 nukes versus 6,800 nukes, we could have a combined 13,800 nuclear weapons if we formed an alliance with Russia.

Instead of 70 million people vs 150 million people, we can have a combined army of up to 220 million people, more than the populations of France, Germany and the United Kingdom combined! We could have over 30,000 tanks!

NO army would dare oppose us we could wipe radical Islamic terrorists off the map. We truly could create a real lasting world peace by cooperating with our Russian friends(and it doesn’t hurt that Russia is the largest holder of raw materials!)


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