John Oliver “Trump v Truth” Debunked


“Why do I want to punch him so bad?”

Yes, everyone’s favorite man that reminds you of an autistic British parrot is back. This time with perhaps more dishonesty than ever before. John Oliver took a lot of time off recently, probably to cope with the devastating loss of his champion crooked Hillary. Last year he ran a vicious episode on Trump that felt more like an election attack ad than a satire news show. John Oliver and his Liberal media buddies of course utterly failed and Trump became our 45th President and I am sure John was emotionally destroyed.

I pictured him in a dark and smoky room, littered with empty cups of tea, John is in the corner. He’s curled up in a fetal position gently sobbing “God Save the Queen” while caressing a photo of him and Hillary. I hoped against hope that like Hillary he would just stay away and never come back, but to my dismay he summoned the courage to venture back out into the world more smug and British than ever. He hasn’t learned his lesson yet, but maybe season 4 is where Oliver finally gets it through his head that satire news is making the Left increasingly more stupid. So let’s get started on his latest pile of crap.

John immediately opens the attack by saying that Trump lied about the size of his inauguration crowd and he quickly brushes past this without mentioning that in fact CNN, The New York Times and other Liberal media outlets did indeed downplay the amount of people attending President Trumps historic election.


This was the photo the New York Times and CNN ran to downplay Trumps inauguration.


Here you can clearly see for yourself people as far back as the eye can see.

He then attacks Trump for daring to mention voter fraud, which according to John Oliver(and the Liberal media) doesn’t exist and he proceeds to fact check a tweet citing “Politifact” . Where Trump basically said that it’s easier to enter the country through the refugee program if you’re a Muslim as opposed to being a Christian. Of course John Oliver doesn’t take a few seconds to help educate his audience on the problems concerning our refugee program:


2016 saw more refugees enter the USA than any other year on record.

Oliver then proceeds to accuse Trump of lying about the weather during his inauguration. He plays part of a clip where Trump says “It was almost raining, but god looked down and he said we’re not gonna let it rain on your speech” then cuts to a picture of Melania Trump holding an umbrella:melania But lets examine the photo more closely.


You can clearly see the sun shining reflecting off her umbrella through the clouds and everything looks dry.


At the end of the speech they all looked dry as a bone.

It did start light sprinkling for a few minutes during Trumps speech, but it wasn’t raining heavily. I think Melania was holding up the umbrella in case it started raining to protect her hair and dress. Oliver then shows a few yellow arrows pointing at people wearing ponchos as further proof that it was raining heavily during Trumps speech, but I noticed that many more people were in fact NOT wearing ponchos or a hat during the speech, I counted 36 of them, it was not raining heavily. Trump was even saying yes it was sprinkling, but it wasn’t really raining heavily.notwearing-panchos

Most importantly however; Oliver deliberately edited Trumps video out of context. Trump clearly says he felt a few drops of rain on his head during his speech, but that it was also kinda sunny, which explains the sunlight reflection on Melanias umbrella during the speech. Then Trump says that it began to rain more when he finished his speech and walked off. Trump never denied that it rained that day he just said it wasn’t raining that much during his speech.

He then plays a few clips of Trump talking about various things during his speeches like increased murder rates, Obama wanting to take in 250k refugees and a clip of Trump talking about how the GDP of the United States had gone negative. John Oliver denies it all, he doesn’t think murders are at all time high rates even though in Chicago alone, 91 people have been shot…this month…and we are only 15 days into February and 91 people shot already. Unacceptable. John Oliver thinks it’s OK to take in tons of unvetted refugees when we are dealing with so many problems here already. John Oliver thinks that a negative GDP is not possible.

John Oliver literally lies to his audience and says “Nobody has ever heard of a GDP below zero because that is f**king impossible”


In Q1 June 2014 the US economic GDP dropped sharply into negative territory. Sorry John and your gullible viewers, but a negative GDP is an all too real thing.

John Oliver didn’t stop there. He went full “Hillary Alt-Right” speech by going after the one and only Alex Jones. The humble water purification salesman. Oliver took Alex Jones out of context of course and played various clips to make Alex Jones seem crazy. This is what they do.gayfrogs

Again, John, why not present all of the facts available before making fun of something?GayFrogs1.png

Instead of explaining Alex’s theories and findings to his viewers and presenting facts as to how Alex Jones is wrong, Oliver makes a snarky remark. That’s all he does. He doesn’t explain anything to his viewers. He presents them a predetermined anti-Trump narrative that he knows he can effortlessly push on gullible Liberals by taking a bunch of clips out of context and making jokes. It’s trendy to attack Trump right now. Every single talk show, Bill Maher, John Oliver, Seth Meyers, SNL, Stephen Colbert, the music industry, the mainstream media are all spewing out the same Leftist garbage in a lame attempt to re-indoctrinate their base further into the Liberal victimhood mindset. At the end of the day, It’s gonna take too long to go through every single falsehood in this sewer pit of despair called “Last Week Tonight” and there are far too many outlets that are going against us right now. I hope I have presented enough here that you can obviously see that you can’t trust a damn thing coming out of this garbage show. Shame on you John Oliver.

2 Comments on “John Oliver “Trump v Truth” Debunked”

  1. This is old, I know, but can I just point out that you’re reading that GDP chart wrong? It’s showing quarter to quarter *change* in GDP, not actual GDP. A *negative* gross domestic product is not possible. It would mean that our total domestic economy was less than nothing. A barren, nuclear-apocalypse style flat plain of glass has a GDP of $0.
    A negative growth rate of gross domestic product *is* possible, and that’s what your chart shows. It means the economy is shrinking.
    The actual dollar amount of the Gross Domestic Product the first quarter of 2014 was $17,016.0 billion. That is not negative.


    • Hello. Thank you very much for replying I appreciate your feedback.

      Now, let’s start off by first saying yes, it is a fact that an annual GDP cannot be zero percent or negative.

      However. President Trump was not speaking on annual GDP he was talking about quarterly growth. While it is impossible to have a negative GDP, its entirely possible to have a negative growth rate or a sudden drop in GDP resulting in negative growth for the quarter.

      Thank you. If you cab go through and read some of the others I would greatly appreciate the feedback


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