The Left Declares War.

Cry babies gonna cry.

It’s no secret, the radical Leftists in America have become extremely agitated lately. Following the absolutely embarrassing loss of their doomed candidate, crooked Hillary Clinton, the Left had jumped the shark. Spurred on by a complicit and corrupt media that is trying to convince them that President Trump is somehow illegitimate or unfit for office. The Progressive Liberals have gone into a full-fledged temper tantrum. Instead of being mad at Trump or Milo, they should look to the media that lied to them. The Liberal Media would rather pretend that President Trump somehow stole the presidency rather than admit that they faked polls, created an atmosphere of falsified racism and they called in just about every Hollywood celebrity and TV talk show host to sway public opinion against Trump. Utterly unsuccessful the Progressive Fascists have gone into a tailspin and are now resorting to the final move in their dark political playbook, spark a civil war.


U mad bro?

Fueled by outrageous and unsubstantiated claims of racism, bigotry, and Nazism, the Left erupted into a frenzy that boiled over into a violent riot at UC Berkeley that left several people injured and many businesses vandalized. Well, at first the protest looked more like a deranged and most certainly medicated rave in the middle of the street, but it isn’t a Liberal party if they don’t burn things. So what sparked it? Controversial, but fabulous, Milo Yiannopolous was planning on giving a speech at the university. Milo is well known for bravely, albeit bluntly, speaking on subjects like Islamic oppression, Liberal hypocrisy and just generally destroying and triggering SJW’s. They’re absolutely intolerant of any opinion that exists outside of their 1984 Orwellian mindset, so they decided that they simply could not allow this man to speak his mind. Rather than simply challenge Milo to an intellectual debate, listen to his opinions, or calmly protest outside, the Left decided that violent civil chaos was necessary to deny Milo the right to speak.


The Myth of the Jewish Homosexual Nazi.

This was not just an attack on Milo, this is a direct attack on Free Speech and ALL Trump supporters. In fact, it seemed like more of the crowd was anti-Trump instead of anti-Milo. If you are a Trump supporter this is when it gets very physically dangerous. Do not travel anywhere alone unless you are armed. In the name of “fighting racism and fascism” groups like Antifa or Black Lives Matter, can label anyone as a Nazi, Racist, or Fascist, to justify any violent behavior towards them. When I say they can label anyone, I literally mean anyone. They just labeled a homosexual Jewish immigrant with a black boyfriend, a racist Nazi. We all know there was no group the Nazis loved more than the Jewish homosexuals. I am kidding of course. If anything Hitler would have had Milo killed before starting on anyone else, don’t want a snappy sassy mouth like that around. Or do you?


Stand For Freedom of Speech.

The Left doesn’t realize what it is starting here. The Right is the sleeping giant, we are the coiled up rattlesnake politely threatening you to back off of us before it strikes. We are ready, we are willing to defend the American Constitution at all costs. Trump was our peaceful response to Liberal Progressive policies that are destroying America and the Left has proven that it does not care about peace in our Constitutional Republic by acting out in this violent manner. They are making themselves politically incompatible with the Right and our government can only function effectively if we all remain civil towards each other.

Even for SJW Libtards, I still respect the right to PEACEFULLY say what they want to say and I reserve the right to issue a rebuttal without coming under physical assault. I encourage political debate when it is mutually respectful and peaceful. I want to listen to them, I respect their Free Speech. However, when they’re unwilling to hear our point of view and when they violently lash out at our proposals. I’m afraid we wont be able to tolerate their intolerance much longer. Do not talk to anyone you don’t trust about politics. These Left-wing terrorists have shown they are fully prepared to violently assault and kidnap. Be prepared to defend yourself! Keep your family safe and together we will make it through these troubling times. The social tension has never been higher and I know eventually everything will be fine, but be prepared for things to get worse before they get better.

God bless you, God bless America.


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