The Liberal Media is Anti-American.

“The Fascists of the future will be anti-Fascists.” -Winston Churchill.

Harsh words, verbal assaults, outlandish accusations and vilification are the basic tools employed by these anti-American cultural fascists. You would think that convincing millions of Americans of a false, violent and destructive narrative would be extremely difficult, but new technologies and ease of access to information have made it simple to convince people of the specific viewpoints you need to further your agenda. No matter how impractical their positions may be, they can use a multitude of platforms to spread their propaganda. Indeed, you could even convince a person of a factually wrong position and to violently oppose the factually correct position.


How have they achieved this? The advent of radio in the early 20th century brought information directly into the average home. Spreading information at the speed of light and making it accessible to even the lowest levels of society. Even someone who was totally uneducated and could not read would still easily digest a radio program making it far superior to newspapers in terms of spreading information.  It didn’t take long before the Progressives realized they could use the new mediums to project their ideas into households across America at astronomical speeds.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Progressive Socialist, is widely regarded as the first President to take full advantage of radio to spread his message to the masses.  FDR used his executive authority to create new regulations on the young radio industry, which lead to radio stations wanting to curry favor with the White House. Many radio stations gave free air-time to the President and government-funded broadcasts. Giving FDR the platform he needed to push his radical agenda, The New Deal and to mobilize the country towards a war it did not want. Leading to a 12-year Presidency which created the most overbearing government we have ever had. FDRs executive actions gave the Federal government full control over every Americans life, and gave the Executive Branch massive authority over every single facet of human life. Ranging from Executive Order 6102, the theft of gold owned privately by US citizens, or Executive Order 9066, the unlawful incarceration of the Asian-American population. FDR could use the radio to convince the people that he was right in his actions. Without the advent of the radio, it’s my opinion that FDR would never have became President in the first place.


Fast forward to today and now television and the internet have opened up endless possibilities for spreading informations. The Progressives absolutely dominate Hollywood, big budget movies and almost all of television. It’s hard to find a television program, especially channels like MTV, that aren’t trying to push a liberal agenda. Satanic artwork, witchcraft, Paganism, and Islam are welcome, but Christianity is shunned in Hollywood. Vilification and identity politics are still the go-to strategies of the Left. Turn on the television today and most likely you will see a Progressive talking head telling you that Conservatives are evil and backwards.  Go onto your social media and you will most likely see Progressives telling everyone how to act and think about current events. It was only thanks to a very considerable effort by a very clever portion of the internet that we were able to get the truth out on Trump. Otherwise the only narrative we had was that Trump was Hitler and Hillary was Mother Theresa.


Dare to disagree? They can simply vilify you as a right-wing, racist, fascist, call you Hitler and thus avoid the need to address the specific argument at hand. Ad-hominem attacks have become to go to type of argument for the modern Progressive and it works like a charm almost every time. Concerned about Illegal immigration? You’re a racist. Concerned about Obama’s extreme left-wing rhetoric? You’re a racist. Worried that programs like medicare and social security could be havens for government corruption? You simple hate the elderly and homeless people and you’re a racist. Slander has become second nature to these new radicals.


Their secret weapon to all this? Guilt. Using vicious buzzwords like racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia and a host of other guilt inducing labels can create a sense of guilt in people who don’t immediately agree with, or dare to question the mainstream narrative. Take the issue of illegal immigration for example. It’s clear, by any measurable standard, that virtually unrestricted illegal immigration is causing a massive economic burden on the United States and the crime committed by illegal aliens is astronomical. Whether its housing, providing health benefits, or incarcerating illegals, the average American Citizen assumes a new burden every  time a new illegal immigrant enters the country. The Progressive movement would convince you that even questioning illegal immigration is somehow racist or unethical, you simply hate foreigners is their argument.  Asking the government to secure our borders has somehow become an extremist viewpoint, even though basic sovereignty is a right guaranteed to all nations.

At no time was the hypocrisy and double standard more evident than during the Presidency of Barack Obama. In the Bush-era, the Progressives presented themselves as the anti-war movement; they decried President Bush’s ventures into the Middle-East, yet as Obama destroyed Libya, launched a coup into Syria and Ukraine causing two civil wars, the Progressives were silent. They would go into a frenzy every time Bush increased the debt, taking to the airwaves to bring up statistics about how Bush was spending more money than all other Presidents before him combined.  However, when Obama broke this record by spending more than all other Presidents before him including Bush, again Progressives went silent on the issue. Proving that they truly don’t care about these issues so long as its a member of their political party that is doing it. When Bush was President, I know plenty of level headed Conservatives that disagreed with many of his policies and openly criticized him. We’re capable of criticizing a member of the Republican party, thats the difference between Conservatives and Liberals.


We have already won a stunning victory against the Progressive establishment when we elected Trump. It was such a stunning defeat for them that it could take a year or two for them to fully recover. Make no mistake they are in full panic mode, but unfortunately, the Liberal Progressive radical movement has entrenched itself into every facet of American media. They will continue utilizing multi-national conglomerates, the very kind they publicly detest, to push their agenda. Google and Facebook are examples that immediately come to mind. Our youth are especially vulnerable. We must be careful not to push them so hard that we drive them into the arms of the Cultural Marxist. We must stay focused on facts and statistics and not rhetoric or slander. The fight is NOT over, but we ARE winning! We will continue to win as long as we have God on our side! God Bless America.


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