A New Conservative Era

Dawn of the Trump Age.

The 45th President of the United States has just been sworn in. The Radical Progressive establishment told us Trump was a joke, that he was not a serious candidate. They told us he would not even win one state in the primaries. When he started picking up states at an alarming rate, they panicked and told us Trump wouldn’t win more than 50% of the vote in any primaries. He started dominating with 50%+ of the vote and he won every single county in the CA primary. Full panic mode set in and the race was on to stop Trump at any cost. Media giants like CNN, Huffington Post, Washington Post and The New York Times colluded to expose literally ANYTHING they could about Trump.

We saw an extremely obscure and 11-year-old tape of Trump saying vulgar things. The expected gaggle of women soon followed with accusations of past sexual misconduct involving Trump. Trumps business deals around the world were under scrutiny and even a 30-year-old discrimination lawsuit came to the forefront of leftist attacks.

Even Trumps family was not safe and became the targets of a vicious smear campaign. Eerily reminiscent of the attacks on Ross Perot’s family in the 1991 election, which lead to Perot dropping from the race, however, The Trump family stood stronger and more poised than ever. Trump stood tall and proud, never once faltering and in the end, he won it all, we won it all.

The Peoples Champion.

Trumps victory was a true win for the people. With nowhere near as many wealthy donors as the Democrats and with not only a media conspiring against him, but members of his own party opposed him. It seemed no one meaningful supported Trump, no one, but the Average American concerned about Americas present direction. Truly a real grassroots movement grew around Trump.

Using guerilla warfare style tactics on social media a new front in the information war was opened against the elite. To counter the mainstream narrative, patriots took to the internet to counter the growing deception. It seemed most of the media was saying one thing, while most concerned citizens on the internet were saying something entirely different. Same facts, two totally different viewpoints.

The media painted a portrait of Trump as a racist sexist homophobic demagogue that hates immigrants, a man of pure evil akin to Hitler. Concerned citizens on the internet painted a picture of a successful businessman concerned about unrestricted immigration, a hardworking, family oriented patriot who was telling it like it is. Trump wasn’t painting a picture of sunshine and roses for America. He was exposing corruption in our government and pointing out the growing poverty and violence under an increasingly socialistic style of governance.

A Time for Choosing.

It became a choice between independent media outlets like Breitbart, Drudge, Infowars, against veteran media giants like CNN, The New York Times and HuffPo. Both sides became entrenched in a massive information battle, Breitbart and Drudge leaned right, while CNN and NYT became even further left-wing. Both sides metaphorically digging parallel trenches to counter their enemies narrative with artillery guns firing information bombs 24/7. It was a vicious battle, that ultimately exhausted and routed the left-wing outlets retreated with their tails between their legs, returning later with unsubstantiated dossiers and claims of Russian hacking, it was nothing short of pathetic.

Since right-wing media didn’t have the funds of leftist media, facts became paramount, less so for the left. The right relied on hard-hitting articles and videos on corruption and statistics from the Obama administration. Obamas lies and failures regarding the Affordable Care Act came to the forefront. The destruction of Libya, Syria, and subsequent agitation of Russia became others issues of importance. The left became increasingly reliant on sensationalized claims of racism, misogyny, bigotry, xenophobia to peddle their failing narrative.

Several staged incidents of racism and hate crimes started to pour out of the left. They tried to convince people that Trump supporters were violent, when in fact the only violence came from left-wing agitators. They began using rigged polls to create a perception that Hillary was a guaranteed win. Whipping people up into a frenzy was the only way they could spread their anti-Trump message, convincing people that they were standing up to fascism, when in fact they were serving fascism. Luckily, thanks to the advent of the internet, the people were able to side step the mainstream media narrative and get the facts directly for themselves.

Day of Days.

November 8th 2016, D-Day. I woke up early that day, the first time in my 28 year life that I felt voting was the single most important thing I could ever do. I was going to cast my vote against socialism, against corruption, against the establishment. I was going to vote for capitalism, for freedom, for our military and police officers, for our great nation. Getting to the polling place in CA, my heart began to race. I felt an incredibly rush of patriotism, surrounded by Hillary supporters, living in a county that voted heavily for Hillary, I had to keep a low profile.

I couldn’t even tell most of my family who I was going to vote for, since they would become immediately triggered that I dared to be a minority voting for the Republican candidate. I got to the front of the line and headed into the voting booth. I was dismayed at the amount of Democrat candidates on the ballot for all sorts of positions.

Voting for senator gave me a choice between a Democrat and a Democrat, how fair right? The Democrats pretend to love diversity, but only racial diversity, not political diversity. I moved on and there was his name, Donald J Trump. I casted my vote and dropped my ballot in the box. I entered the polling place a civilian, I left the polling place a Citizen patriot and headed home to watch the results come in.
Trump got out to an early lead in both the popular vote and the electoral vote and never let up. He dominated and won important swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. He won states thought impossible for him, like Wisconsin which resulted in a massive upset for the DNC. The New York Times boldly predicted Hillary had a guaranteed 242 electoral votes going into the election and could easily win with over 303 electoral votes. When the dust settled that night Hillary barely broke 230 electoral votes and it was Trump with 306 electoral votes. Trump would become the next President of the Unites States, much to the dismay of the Liberal establishment.

The Lefts Reaction to Loss.

A collective cry from the left ensued. Allegations of election fraud started to emanate from the left. A recount was called in several states in a futile attempt to challenge election results. They couldn’t believe they lost the election. They were not only fully discredited, they were utterly embarrassed. Rather than gracefully admit defeat, they declared war on Trump and his supporters. Violence and threats against Trump supporters increased. Several big companies made it clear Trump supporters business was not welcome. A win that should have healed and unified a nation instead triggered a crybaby reaction from the left. Even a movement to secede California from the Union has gained support amongst California Liberals. I blame the “everybody wins” participation trophy and victimhood culture created by the Liberal establishment for their inability to cope with loss.

Conclusion, What Now?

This is what drove me to create this blog, because even though Trump won an astounding victory, we still have a LONG way to go before we can truly say we won. So here we are, clear as ever, that the Liberal left is making itself incompatible with the Conservative right. We Conservatives are focused on moving America forward into the future with a competitive economy, an intelligent population, and a powerful military.

The Progressives are keen to stay stuck in a 1960’s civil rights mentality, fighting for rights against non-existent oppression. Using identity politics to create racial and class divides among the civilization. We must be diligent in our awareness of their tactics and we must be ready to counter the growing threat socialism poses to our capitalistic society.

We must foster and nurture innovation, not just technological innovation, but political innovation as well. This can only be achieved in an atmosphere devoid of political correctness.

The vote for Trump was a vote against political correctness. The vote for Trump was a vote for innovation and capitalism, for wealth and prosperity, for freedom and liberty, for safety and security, for rich and poor, for black and white, for each and every American to have the equal opportunity promised by the brilliant Founders when they outlined the Constitution.

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  1. Hey just wanted to say nice effort getting this Jr high school blog going. Once you get ypur facts straightened out and continue your efforts to strengthen your writing skills this has potential to possibly maybe actually be interesting. Dont stop trying!

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